The Seeds of Tyranny: Fatherless Homes

June 16, 2013

The position of the Father has been so badly distorted that few of us understand the Father’s proper role.  Families are the basic unit of creation and Fathers are the designated cadre.

Obedience, respect, and honor should be freely granted to Fathers; coercion destroys the structure. Families should expect the Father to provide leadership with authority, they should honor him and gratefully respond to his decisions.

When friendly adults are available children will shun authority and seek a conciliatory friendship.    They are quick to notice that one parent defends them against the other.  When parents are at odds over a child the child has justification for defiance. Adults who treat children as equals, who give them gifts and curry their favor outside of patriarchal government are doing them a disservice.

Mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, teachers, neighbors, and other counselors who offer solace from the discipline of a father disparage the image of the Father in the eyes of the child.  Children need to witness fathers being honored and respected by family members as well as society at large.   When adults undermine the proper stature of a father they are contributing to delinquency.

The alien agents that control our media portray fathers as foolish, criminal, cruel, and demanding.  They make heroes of those who defy parental authority.  They do this for the same reason they saturate our society with pornography, promote homosexuality, multiculturalism, unlimited immigration, and discord; they do it to destroy our families and fracture the cohesion of our society.

We have emancipated women and sacrificed the authority of fathers in the process. Too often a child disciplined by a father goes to the mother who provides comfort. The father then becomes the illegitimate purveyor of misery and the children treat him accordingly.

For a family to function properly the father’s authority must be respected by the entire family and when he disciplines a child the entire family must join him.  When another member of the family provides solace from the reprimand they do so in defiance of the father and to the detriment of the child and the proper functioning of the family.

Fathers are not always right but they are always fathers.  When they are wrong a good wife will ask them to consider a possible error.  If the father is in error and he changes his mind the wife has done a good deed.  If he fails to see his error and makes a mistake she must affirm the mistake; defiance undermines the father’s authority and creates chaos.

Recently, the media’s alien agents told us that 1 in 4 wives now earn more money than their husband. This statistic infers that 1 wife in 4 is of more value than her husband.  It is unnatural for women to exert authority over men and when they do they oppose the natural order. Women are the physically weaker sex and they should fill the role nature has given them.  When businesses defy the natural order by promoting women over men, they disrupt the peace and order of creation.

It appears that humans are somewhere on a created scale of life that goes from miniscule to massive. We have not yet fathomed either its depth or its height.  We are physically huge in comparison to the atom and equally tiny in comparison to the range of the Hubble Space Telescope.  Pondering our physical stature should bring us to a humility that would preclude attempting to alter the creation.  We can explore its beauty and mystery, learn more about it, move about in it, and use it to our advantage but attempts to alter a system that we did not and could not create is the height of chutzpah.

The family with a male and female at it genesis is a pattern that goes as far back into antiquity as human beings have been able to delve.

The absurdity of the agenda of the media’s alien agents is clearly shown in a video of Megyn Kelly’s stifling talk over.  In typical tyrannical media fashion Kelly refuses to allow an honest discourse with Erick Erickson.  She accuses Erickson of “judging” as if judging is evil (It isn’t).  (Originally Lou Dobbs was on the same video but Kelly stifled him so completely, they apparently removed that portion of the video.)

Four Star Generals from each branch of the armed service testified before congress about sexual advances against women.  One wonders how women who are unable to defend against friendly forces are going to do when they seek to defend against an enemy.  It is a bogus discussion   Four Star Generals who do not understand that women cannot be successfully mixed with men without sexual problems do not deserve to be leaders of our armed forces. Women are not physically able to protect themselves when they are put together with men.  It is the natural role of men to defend women.  We have destroyed that natural role by manipulating them into competition with men.  Though they are often intellectually equal or superior they are almost never equal physically. There is a natural sexual attraction between males and females and all attempts to stifle that attraction will fail.

Modern humanists are trying to change the basic structure of creation.  Genetically modified seeds are growing our food, human embryos are being created in test tubes, animals have been produced from DNA, and our fish and meat is being filled with weight making, profit producing chemicals.

Nature is replete with male and female specimens.  Males are usually stronger, bigger, and dominant. Working against the natural order alien agents are attempting to blur the distinction between male and female.  A recent newspaper had this headline: “Boy or Girl?  Gender a new challenge for schools”. What insidious hogwash!  Overwhelming children are born male or female and maintain that gender throughout their lives.  If the idea that they may be of another gender is planted in their young minds by authority figures some of them will maintain that nature went awry.  Questioning the gender of youngsters is an evil tactic of conniving humanity not a fact of nature.

Multiculturalism is another attempt to change the natural order.  Mixing races tends to destroy diversity through amalgamation.  It is an irrational procedure that has been accepted by too many rational minds.

When we allowed society’s alien agents to dethrone the father as head of the family we set in motion a huge array of mindless aberrations that have seriously injured the structure of our nation.

It is the work of the church and the family to restore order to our culture.  Our government is in the process of imposing a despotic pagan legal system.   School children are being indoctrinated with the homosexual agenda and churches are being forced to praise sodomites.  It is time for the horde of Evangelicals and Charismatics to take up the banner of fatherhood and promote it in the face of this horrendous social evil.

The authority of the father is key to a free and orderly society; it must be re-established if righteous order and freedom is ever to return to our culture.

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