Feminism: The Destruction of The Family

August 22, 2013

The emancipation of women marked the beginning of the decline of America. Women were the glue that held the family together, the tender support that made men strong and wise. It was the woman who loved and supported her husband when he made a bad decision or when his righteousness brought threats and derision. She was his ego booster, his self worth affirmer, his chef par excellence, his lover and his friend. She corrected him when he was wrong but if he choose to be wrong she supported him in his folly. She was loyal, faithful, and dependable; a source of wisdom, and refreshment.

Though physically weaker than her husband she was durable. She did not need a formal education to bring steady insight and wisdom to the union. She viewed life from a different perspective. Conciliation, patience, and unconditional love came easier to her. She could go from one task to another and be as interested in the next task as she was in the previous. She knew how to help him stand firm and to seduce him into changing his mind. Sometimes she knew him better then he knew himself.

It was another era. A time when we accepted the way we were created and lived accordingly. It was a time when men were men and women were women; when children were children and parents were parents. It was a time when marriages were for keeps and care was used in making a selection that would pass the test of time.

Women were willing to let their physically superior husbands be king while they relished being queen. They were willing to honor, respect, defer to and obey them. Women were the key to a properly functioning home and when they rebelled they injured it.

Men were made to head their homes but without their queen they were handicapped. The women was a rock under her husband. If she failed to depend on him as provider and decision maker and failed to grant him honor in and outside of the home his ability was impeded.

Love acquiesces to the natural order. Rebellion seeks license and fosters tyranny. Tyranny locks the cage.

Rebellion is as common in women as it is in men but since women are the key to a properly functioning family it is more serious. A spark of rebellion, fanned by evil and regularly re-lit, spawned and sustained the women’s suffrage movement. Suffrage brought women into the political arena and gave them a legal right to defy their husbands. It was an axe that sliced into the solid bond of the home. Though it seemed right to on its face, it planted a seed for conflict. It was a zircon that looked like a diamond. Wisdom attempted to block it but was slowly defeated by a sea of human sympathy. Today it is so widely accepted that challenging it seems as ridiculous as recommending stoning as a method of capital punishment.

Articles lauding the struggle for women’s rights abound. The unfortunate promotion of women has resulted in female soldiers who are seeking combat roles in our army. These are women who wish to be responsible for the safety of the nation while complaining that they are being sexually assaulted by their own fellow soldiers.

The female quest for equality defies reality. Females of most species birth and nurture the next generation and if the specie intends to survive it must produce more young than are lost to death. When the Industrial revolution separated us from the land we failed to give heed to the results of that separation. Though children were no longer assets in our urban society they were absolutely necessary if we intended to maintain racial integrity.

When technical advances freed women from household chores they sought purpose in agitating for equality.. As the women’s movement advanced in the Twentieth Century women’s rights came to mean equality with men. They sought to shed the role of nurturing a family and became entities outside the home. The Industrial Revolution set the stage for domestic structural unrest and the emancipation of women broke up the home and contributed to an impending demographic tragedy.

After winning the Suffrage battle during the Twentieth Century the feminist movement became dangerously militant blaming men for suppressing women and seeking social equality, even superiority. Abortion was sanctioned through militant feminism and as the rebellion against the natural order continued the homosexual movement began.

None of us assented to our birth; we exist through another will. We entered a pre-existing world that contained perennial absolutes. We had nothing to do with its creation or with its order. We are, in fact, only sojourners who have been given the gift of life. If we use that gift properly we will pass blessings to future generations; if we use it recklessly our posterity will suffer.

We are made in the image of a sovereign but when we exert our authority we often create more problems than we solve. This is particularly true when we malign the world’s blue print. Our tastes may become stilted but efforts to change the world’s order to conform to our distorted desires will ultimately fail.

When we kill our babies and promote the sterility of homosexuality we jeopardize the existence of our specie. Women who seek to dominate their husbands and to function in roles that demand the strength of a male find themselves in an untenable position like being sexually assaulted by their fellow soldiers.

Amalgamating the races through multi-culturalism will destroy individual cultures leaving us with a dull sameness. True diversity creates a decentralized world and a decentralized world is a free world. Racial diversity is sustained through separation; each race should have its own domain. The established order of the world should not be forced to succumb to the aberrant wiles of its people.

Wars and genocides are savage methods of controlling population. We have already waited too long in considering a realistic way of preserving the world so that children can enjoy a better life than their parents.

Time is wasted when we work against the world’s blue print. If we bring humanity into accord with our earthly home future generations may have an opportunity to live in peace and prosperity.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – – Voltaire (1694-1778)

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