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April 5, 2014

It Must Start With You… Wisconsin Representative Jim Sensenbrenner is chairman of a committee that is attempting to reform our federal legal codes.  They state the problem this way:  “The United States Code currently contains some 4,500 federal crimes.  Recent studies estimate that approximately 60 new federal crimes are enacted each year, and over the past three decades, Congress has averaged 500 new crimes per decade.  In addition to the statutory criminal offenses, there are thousands of federal regulations... Read article


March 24, 2014

Christians React… It is possible that like ancient Judah, the United States is destined to come under despotic rule.  Though we do not have Jeremiah to keep us informed (Jeremiah 27) it appears that the wheels of destiny are carrying us in that direction.  It could be that world tyranny is God’s plan for the ultimate advance of His Kingdom.  Our time is temporal while God’s time is eternal. Jeremiah warned the people of Judah not to resist the Babylonians that it was God’s judgment that caused their captivity... Read article

At The Pinnacle of Power: The God of The Bible

March 5, 2014

It was during the Ides of March 51 years ago that the God of the Bible set this stumbling man on his feet and with much Grace began to grow him into the person He intended him to be.  In those early days of my Christian walk there was much talk about the end times and the soon return of the Savior.  “Jesus is Coming Again” was written in 1957 by John Peterson. Marvelous message we bring, Glorious carol we sing, Wonderful word of the King - Jesus is coming again! (Chorus) Coming again, Coming again; Maybe morning,... Read article

Classic Confrontations: Mostly Dead In America

March 2, 2014

Confrontation is a necessary dam to the progress of evil in society. American policy is now confined to determining which of two evils will be rewarded.  For decades conservatives have been voting for the lesser of two evils, impaired by party loyalty and seeking a maligned victory, they fail to confront egregious evil. Evil is inherent in diversity.  The exclusive righteousness characteristic of ancient Israel was predicated on maintaining religious purity.  That purity is being consistently destructed by toleration. Christian... Read article

Where Do We Go From Here?

February 22, 2014

Do You Really Want To Know? G. Edward Griffin is a leader in the effort to inform the public about the dark blanket of imperialism being stretched across the Globe.  The blanket is still light and much of the free world is still breathing the air of peace, prosperity, and freedom.  But the Specter of the blanket can be seen in the long thin clouds of spray that fill our skies and in the United Nations signs that appear outside our parks.  Strands have invaded our town meetings where the phrase “Sustainable Development”... Read article

The Political Tower of Babel: Government Solution

February 4, 2014

“If law does not reflect the fact that God is the Lord and Sovereign, it will reveal the premise that man and the state are gods.  No more dangerous gods have ever been affirmed by man.”  R. J. Rushdoony Real Christianity is a foreign religion to the majority of those who claim the name.  We tend to think of ourselves as the center of reality and as arbiters of our beliefs and our conduct.  The Christian Church supports this heresy.  In spite of the Bibles unswerving record of God choosing His servants, Christian... Read article

God’s Land: Our Responsibility

January 20, 2014

I wrote previously about our cultural fantasy that forgets we are totally dependent on soil and water.  At the end of his Commentary on the Book of Numbers R. J. Rushdoony writes as follows: “For modern man land has become a commodity and an investment, not essentially a faith inheritance.  Our modern outlook thus warps our perspective.  For this reason, our federal government thinks nothing of allowing in as immigrants an increasing number of people who are religiously and racially hostile to us.  They see... Read article

Onward Christian Soldiers

January 7, 2014

The War Is Against Paganism… Crowns and thrones may perish. Kingdoms rise and wane But the Church of Jesus constant will remain Gates of Hell can never ‘Gainst the Church prevail We have Christ’s own promise And that cannot fail “To gain this victory, we must wage the war.  Too many want victory without the war, as though eloquence, patriotic or religious gush, ever overcame an enemy.”  R. J.  Rushdoony,” Numbers” Pg. 270 Patty and I spent Christmas in Destin, Florida.  Destin is an upscale... Read article

The Weapons of War: For The Church of Jesus Christ

December 22, 2013

In his book “Truth and Transformation” Indian Christian Vishal Mangalwadi tells of the yearly journey to the Ganges River by thousands of low class Hindus.  Every year the priests rob them of their money and treat them despitefully.  In spite of the harsh treatment they continue to return each year.  They return because they believe the Ganges River has healing qualities.  Belief, even irrational belief, is powerful and difficult to correct Freedom for the masses was a product of particular Christianity.  It... Read article

The American Indian

December 6, 2013

Book Review… “The white man wanted what we had, our land, but he didn’t want us.  We wanted what the white man had his improvements, his guns, his modern conveniences – but we didn’t want him.  And so we fought, each wanting what the other had but not wanting the other and trying to eliminate him; and we lost.  That’s the story.”    A mid-Twentieth Century account by an old Indian at the Owyhee reservation in Nevada.  From “The American Indian” R. J. Rushdoony The late Rousas Rushdoony was... Read article

The Death of Principle: Rise of Autocracy

November 19, 2013

A couple of decades ago we were discussing whether or not American soldiers would fire on U. S. citizens?  Many thought they would balk at such a travesty.  Now it is common knowledge that Army leaders are selected on their willingness to do just that.  Troops are trained to do what they are told and when they are ordered to do evil deeds only a tiny number resist; some even relish the savagery. If you are dubious consider the present state of law enforcement in the United States.  Citizens are handcuffed and... Read article

The Efficacy of Dirt

November 4, 2013

Humanity’s Umbilical Cord… Have we forgotten the source of our sustenance?    Have we allowed the apodictic evolutionary theoreticians to define our beginnings with convoluted nonsense?  Have we assumed that the world should pursue the proliferation of remarkable labor saving and entertaining devices as if they are essential to the human race?  We seek to travel faster and farther, communicate quicker and more completely, have more leisure and less work, and accumulate more knowledge and more power. In... Read article

Immigration Policy And America’s Suzerain

October 21, 2013

While shopping in a local grocery store my wife asked a nearby gentleman a question; he did not speak English.  Our local Mall has lost several upscale stores; they are quickly replaced but often with unfamiliar businesses.  We now have a Chinese Massage business in our Simon Mall.  The Chinese masseuses can say hello in English but little else.  Together they chatter away in Chinese.  At WalMart in the late afternoon a gaggle of different languages come from an equal number of unassimilated individuals and families. It... Read article

Hate Power: Compelled To Act

September 12, 2013

“Most people today stand for nothing and hate nothing and as a result fight for nothing” ~ R. J. Rushdoony It is widely assumed that love is “good” and hate is “bad”.  “Love” and “hate” could be the two most confusing words in the English language.  The dictionary contains multiple definitions for both. Hate has been the subtle weapon used to push the Black agenda into American social life.  It bears an uncanny resemblance to Zionist policies of forcing acceptance by legal mandate.  Both Jews... Read article

Feminism: The Destruction of The Family

August 22, 2013

The emancipation of women marked the beginning of the decline of America. Women were the glue that held the family together, the tender support that made men strong and wise. It was the woman who loved and supported her husband when he made a bad decision or when his righteousness brought threats and derision. She was his ego booster, his self worth affirmer, his chef par excellence, his lover and his friend. She corrected him when he was wrong but if he choose to be wrong she supported him in his folly. She was loyal,... Read article


August 5, 2013

A Growing Precariat Class… I knew a man whose wife divorced him and who never remarried.  He liked women and for the remainder of his life he had affairs with several.  His exuberant intentions were good but he was blind to the preferences of the people he intended to help (usually women friends) and they often resisted his plans.  He went through life intending to do good deeds that were often barely tolerated. Public television recently ran a documentary on the Rockefeller family.  My friend and the Rockefeller... Read article

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