Voluntarism vs. Compulsion

December 7, 2006

The fundamental idea underpinning “offshore” strategies, is that the state has no right to forcefully extract money (tax) for purposes which you do not personally endorse. Whether this is for redistribution to persons you don’t want to support; for causes you do not like or abhor; or for wars you do not want to wage – the principle is the same. No one should be able to force you to pay for something you morally disagree with. Put in simple language “your money is your own, and you have the right... Read article

How to Defeat Big Brother

November 11, 2006

George Orwell’s “1984” is the story of a “future” society where individualism has been eliminated, where propaganda is used to control the masses, and where perpetual war is being waged to maintain the peace. It’s a world where false is true and wrong is right, where history is constantly being rewritten – and where Big Brother watches your every move. But even in the middle of this totalitarian “utopia”, there is one man – Winston Smith – who dares to question... Read article

The Coming Consciousness Shift

October 20, 2006

The trouble with living in, and commenting on, present society is that it is very difficult to get a birds-eye view of what is really going on. We are all products of our intellectual and social environment to some extent, and this severely limits our ability to see alternate developments outside the square of accepted opinion and media bias. Historians have got it over current media commentators precisely because when looking at present events, they should be able to take a longer view – and perhaps discern trends... Read article

The Power And The Glory

October 17, 2006

Memory is a fascinating thing. I’m often in awe of how memory works, and how it can hold on to such things as words, images, feelings and even sounds and smells. A few years ago I read a challenging book called “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” – by Julian Jaynes. The author postulated that we originally heard literal voices in our heads (one part of the brain talking to the other part), and that when these voices ceased (due to the increasing complexity of life),... Read article

The War on Terror: A Plot to Destroy America?

October 14, 2006

Watching the rising chorus of “protest” against Iran’s nuclear ambitions is like watching a rerun of the lead up to the war in Iraq. I won’t bore you with all the war-drum-beating details that lead to the Iraq war, except to say that events have proven it to be an unmitigated disaster. And George Bush’s “stay the course” mantra is but an admission of failure from a man who has no answers – because he is asking all the wrong questions. But right now I want you to imagine you’ve... Read article

The New Frontier

April 2, 2006

All of you reading this are in the vanguard – the first wave of troops in the world’s next major battle arena. You are on the internet. You are one of the “early adopters,” adopting new technologies and new ideas ahead of the majority. Your thinking is being changed and your world view is being radically altered. You may not know this – but it is happening all the same. In the “old” world, politics rules. The politics of envy. The politics of power for power’s sake. The politics... Read article

Free Speech Quagmire

February 28, 2006

The supposed hallowed hallmark of free societies, free speech, has been sorely tested these past few weeks. First there were the Mohammed cartoons – originally published in a Danish newspaper – which have infuriated Islam and sparked world-wide riots and demonstrations. Then there was the guilty verdict handed down to David Irving, the British historian who is internationally vilified for his revisionist views on the Holocaust. And looked at together they present a confused and contradictory message. For most... Read article

The Power of The Lie

January 16, 2006

Remember the movie “Groundhog Day”? It was the story of a man (Bill Murray) who was forced to continuously relive the worst day of his life, until he learned to become a better person. As we launch into 2006, it already has the feeling of deja vu, of a groundhog day in the making. I recall my intense scepticism when pressure was being put on Iraq, in the first stages of that relentless momentum to a pre-planned goal – war. I also recall joining tens of thousands of people in a street protest against the... Read article

The Totalitarian Impulse

December 10, 2005

What’s the difference between: A drug addict and an alcoholic? A drug dealer and a liquor merchant? An international drug ring and an international alcoholic drink distributor? Nothing. The only difference is in legality–not in principle. In our culture, drugs are a “no-no,” although it wasn’t always so. In other cultures, alcohol is a “no-no.” So take your pick. The fact is, alcohol is responsible for far more deaths and ruined lives than drugs. But don’t let facts get in... Read article

The ‘War on Terror’ Scam

December 10, 2005

The greatest threat to our freedom today is not terrorism, but what governments are doing to counter this perceived terrorist threat. Let me say that again. Terrorism is not the real danger we face, it’s what governments around the world are doing to make us “safe.” It’s a scam because it is based on two lies. Lie #1: You are seriously at risk of being killed by a terrorist. Now, while this is remotely possible, it’s highly unlikely. Based on global statistics and what country you live in, you... Read article