Historian – ‘Did Hitler Have Reason To Hate The Jews?’

July 12, 2009

Hitler“BLAMING THE LOSS OF WORLD WAR I ON JEWISH FINANCIERS and the budding Weimar Republic at home,” writes Ralf Georg Reuth, “Hitler subscribed to the Stab In The Back theory which was growing in popularity in Germany in 1919.”

The Stab In The Back theory attributed Germany’s losing the war not to military defeat on the battlefield, but to the intentional sabotaging of the war effort by Jewish financiers, socialists, and international Bolsheviks. Hitler would later blame Jewish journalists who fled Nazi Germany for inciting belligerence against Germany leading to WWII.

To Hitler and many others, it was left liberal politicians and supporters, (German Jewish bankers and their international Jewish network), of the Weimar Republic who ‘stabbed Germany in the back’ by signing the armistice on November 11, 1918. They would soon become known as the November Criminals.

HITLER INCLUDED IN HIS LIST of November Criminals, the international Jewish bankers who financed and controlled the Weimar Republic. These Jewish bankers operated both out of Frankfurt, (known as the ‘mother city’ of Jewish bankers), and abroad.

Frankfurt produced its Rothschilds, Lazards, Warburgs, Dreyfuses, Seifs, as well as sending to New York, Jacob Schiff, an agent for Walter Rothschild. (The Jews of Germany, Marvin Lowenthal, 1936).

Thus, the ‘Stab in the Back’ theory became hugely popular among Germans who found it impossible to swallow defeat. During the war, Adolf Hitler became obsessed with this idea, especially laying blame on Jews and Marxists in Germany for undermining the war effort.

“WITH WORLD WAR ONE LOST and Germany in financial ruin, Hitler came to view the Jews as solely responsible for the growth of Bolshevism,” writes Reuth. In his book, Reuth quotes Nobel prize-winning novelist, Thomas Mann, who equated the Bolshevik revolution in Russia with the Jews. Continuing, Reuth writes:

“When a Soviet Republic (Munchner Raterepublik) was declared briefly in Munich in 1919, the die was cast for Hitler to point to the Jews as bearing responsibility for the nation’s ills.

Hitler saw that many German Jews played prominent roles in the growing communist movement, which was against everything Hitler the nationalist stood for.

Two events – Germany’s defeat of the war due to Jewish financial intrigues together with the Russian revolution and its threat to Germany – shaped Hitler’s views of Jews and his subsequent plan to rid Germany of them all.” View Entire Story Here.

A defining moment in the political formation of Adolf Hitler, was the January 1919 Spartacus Uprising (Spartakusaufstand) in Berlin. The prominent figure in the uprising was the communist Jew, Rosa Luxemburg.

Luxemburg, along with other left-wing Jews including Karl Liebknecht, founded the socialist Spartacus League (Spartakusbund) in 1914. During the war, Luxemburg drafted the Spartacus programme, Leitsatze, which called upon socialists to turn the nationalist conflict in Germany into a revolutionary war with international consequences. View Entire Story Here & Here.

WHILE NOT ADVOCATING VIOLENCE against any specific group, a solution to the “Jewish Question” must be arrived at. For as Reuth points out, and it is certainly applicable today, Pre-WWII Germany saw a tremendous rise of Jewish influence in every sphere of its societal infrastructure.

This overwhelming Jewish influence is indeed the situation we now find ourselves in today – both in America and in Europe. The question remains, “What can we do about this preponderance of Jewish influence?”

Jews are the most organized power bloc in the world. Thus, to combat Jewish supremacy, Gentiles must ALSO become an organized power bloc.

The Jewish-occupied media have convinced the Gentiles that the one organization that can oppose them, the historic Christian Church, (not the Zionist-Protestant innovation), is an institution to be shunned. Thus, many Gentiles will say, “I don’t believe in organized religion.” This is a piece of Jewish brainwashing – exactly what the Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion planned. But Jews do believe in organized religion, their own synagogue.

The synagogue of the Jews is called in the Bible, “The Synagogue of Satan.” The Church, however, the Bible calls, “The New Jerusalem,” that is, “The City of Peace.”

Thus, if Gentiles, who once loved going to Church, can get organized, whether in Church buildings, home groups, or foundations, they can STOP the Jews from taking over America and all the nations that host them.

Brother Nathanael Kapner is a “Street Evangelist” who grew up as a Jew and is now an Orthodox Christian.

You can visit his website at Real Zionist News. He can be reached at:

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  • http://MSN Walter E. Haas

    Wiemar Republic is America today as a result of the jews and their puppets the gentiles.The gentiles are so corrupt and brainwashed
    they have no will to counter the NWO.The reason nothing is done is because the educated support their demise as result of mind control.

    The universities are full of the secret organization product.They advocate the NWO.Any fool knows that the intelligent agencies and the U.S. government are enemies of America.Benjaman Freeman speech
    You Tube sums up the reality about the Zionist.The fact that there is no government effort to stop the NWO proves they are part of it.
    Logic is out the window.This is what the elite have created.Only fools would not realize the logic that if you know doctrine and source of treason, and you don’t lock it up you must be part of it.
    The business sector is addicted to greed, and is totally corrupt in the majority as they always have been.No regulation and there criminals..U.S. Constitution null and void.Fed not Federal.Fed Reserve Act not legal.This is the state of American affairs.

    Walter E. Haas Search Google.Com all Topic Comments Walter E. Haas
    and page 1-2 at W.E.H. Search Bless America

  • http://MSN Walter E. Haas

    The Satanic Central Banksters’Monetary Enslavement System 3 Sept 09
    Title and my name show the collusion of the Zionist and gentile
    connection in references 6,7,8 comments,etc.

    Walter E. Haas Search God Bless America

  • http://MSN Walter E. Haas

    When in the hell are the sheep going to stop following the party.
    Tea Party Line with the other bait of deceit.Answer they are not.

    Today as in 1982 and prior going back to the French revolution and
    before we have had the facts as history records them.Fox News
    represents the educated sheep at the apex.Other news media follows.
    All in collusion for NWO.History of Rothschild family.Joan Veon
    topic Who Controls The Wealth And Its Assets Search
    Financial control world wide Enter Ciy of London,FED,Vatican.

    Who is financier for elite.Who has history of war for profit,
    international control.Who helped found Israel.Who is Rothschild?
    Cecil Rhodes,Oxford.Illuminati,Freemasons,Leo Zagami,Rockefeller.

    Kissinger comment stated by William Engdahl-Oil control nation,food
    control people,control money and control entire world.Rothschild
    family member stated he did not care who controlled the government
    as who controls the money is the ruler.This is abstract of his
    statement.No Rothschild members are not alone.Nobility and three
    wings Intelligence,Finance,Military are means of world control by
    gentiles and jews.Richest people in the world control the world through their agent puppets.The Committee of 300 is puppet off
    shoot,with the other factions.Factional rule of America by factions
    of these groups.Bilderberg Group elite.Will not disclose discussion of meetings because united in policies for NWO?,etc.
    Who is invited exposes who they represent.FED rules America with
    these groups as its safeguard.All benefit in this relationship except the sheep who are that.Fox News best example.

    The Zionist with the collusion of gentiles for profit and greed
    and world sheep enslavement work together.The secret organization
    as JFK speech on secret organization described is in fact what rules the world as is proved on the dollar bill.Universities
    charitable foundations Reece Committee interview exposes the international bankers out of New York and their intent to distort
    U.S. history,control state Dept,and blend the U.S. with communism.
    Congressman Mc Fadden Speech against FED and Indictment charges in
    addition to Benjaman Freeman speech 1961 which explains the Zionist
    intent for NWO and cause of war,holocaust,Wiemar Republic,ww11
    Intent for WW111 against Islam middle east,etc.Norm Chomsky
    Class War,and book about U.S. hegemony,which I call American
    imperialism is clear as to motive of U.S. establishment which is all classes benefiting from perpetual war for profit.General Butler
    book War is A Racket points out conspiracy by bankers and other U.S.corporations.Antony Sutton book The Best Enemy Money Can Buy
    proves TREASON by U.S. based corporations.5 Year lend least programs and other U.S. supplies to Soviet Union indicate collusion.Did Rockefeller support communism.Did Ford,.U>S tools
    to tool the Soviet Union.Hegel dialectics.Antony Sutton book
    Skull&BONES indicates the coming together of shareholders of FED
    gentile and jew.Fed monopoly no public shares.

    No matter the influence of Zionist and jew lobbies the gentiles I have mentioned of status Quo support Communist international fascism as FoX News does in my OPINION.I am ashamed to be a human animal when I hear the twisted propaganda of the FOX.The sheep including those who think they are not believe it.No wonder The going to be communist fascist North American Union.The
    business sector only loves greed in all its forms.Power and corruption and no regulations rules,or morals,beliefs have reduced
    the USA to a sheep farm by deliberate malice and for thought by the elite and their supporters who in long run will be enslaved by those they support as is just desserts.Stupid fools
    corrupted by know discipline and no belief,but that of the beast.
    Bribery,Blackmail,any means to entice the puppets and they are addicted and can’t detox.Decline Of The West O.S..
    He stated how news media was and is the head of the beast.
    Brainwashing.Yes CIA,CFR,Zionist,Jews,Gentiles NWO.Yes you all know
    most are probably its supporters.I know.I understand.Body Fluids
    Floorride in your water.Dr. Strange Love was right.The General said
    protect the bodily fluids.The water is it.Contaminated and brain destroyer.What happen to energy of American people prozac type
    symptoms.No history,exercise,religion,belief,conviction,Relative.
    Materialism as philosophy.God Is DEAD.The BEAST is god.Secret clubs
    NWO by deceit.Supporters betrayers.Phony anti organization
    movements created by you know who?I KNOW YOU?

    At the top all is one.Below are puppets.The world is created by elite who are united,yet seem not to know it.Iran,North Korea,Burma,Iraq,Afghanistan,Russia,China,Japan,etc.Who really pulls the strings at the top?Who controls the money controls the world.World richest people have agents as you have phony stock brokers.Michael Lewis book The Big Short.Please deny it as usual!
    You fools can’t have it three ways communist,capitalist,fascist,
    internationalist because third world population is going to eat you alive with open borders.You are to stupid to see it and corrupt.Over population and immigration,no unions,or organization
    with no culture,or nationalism creates slavery and one world.Credit
    card chip,chip implant.Biden comments to congress (WHAT).Credit with expansion and constriction of money supply controls the world.
    1929 depression proves it as financial crisis now does.10 to 15
    years before recovery statement William Engdahl.No WW111 Iran war
    2012 Dec 21 all hell VILL probably break lose.Hitler will come home.He has only been on vacation.He is alive.DNA guarantee.
    Bushman,chain,Pearl,Wolf,Rums,Rice,Kiss,FDR,OBAMA china
    you ask for it by no regulation and greed plus being stupid,and
    not knowing U.S. history for real,or world history.You must repeat
    the stupid mistakes the players let you play.Thank you so much.

    Eustice Mullins interview NWO and Norman Dodd,Benjaman Freeman,
    Antony Sutton,Mc Fadden and what follows should be sufficient to prove the lies and hypocrisy of News media and establishment.
    What is stated is disgrace in terms that Israel talks about persecution and Holocaust when it has policies as Hitler does,and its doctrine is Hitlers.When philosophy of Israel is known including many jews who support it with out this outrage being
    exposed for what it is proves collusion of gentiles in high places.

    ” Our Race is the master race.We jews are divine masters on this planet.We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects.In fact compared to our race,other races are beast and
    animals,cattle at best.Other races are considered as human excrement.Our destiny is to rure over the inferior races.Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with rod of iron.The masses will lick our feet,and serves us as our slaves.

    New Statesman Magazine June 25 1982Mechachem Begin.Please research

    Prime Minister ,Ariel Sharon Oct 3, 2001 states following:

    “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and
    will do that…I want to tell you something very clear:Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel.We the jewish people control America,and the American people know it.”

    The Theory Of Social Revolution by Brooks Adams is cause of revolution.Revolution is created by special interest.There is no way America can recover unless there is revolution by unknown party
    with interest contrary to status quo and communist fascist internationalist.Aliens are only alternative.In The Decline of
    The West and The Law of Civilization and Decay we see the progression of corruption.The enemy are part of the American people
    which means civil war.Now it is international war as result of NWO

    Israel,Zionist,Jews,gentiles,Neo Cons,you have been exposed.Status quo is the enemy.Where is the enforcement of the U.S. Constitution.
    False propaganda,brainwashing,mind control are in hands of the
    powers that be.No I don;t believe in Zionist doctrine,the holocaust
    as presented.I believe what Benjaman Freeman,Eustice Mullins NWO
    say with the others.The jews have lied with their gentile friends
    and betrayed the gentiles for Zionism,power,greed and NWO.The
    information I have given is minute,yet crystal clear.

    Walter E. Haas 78 topic comments search and page 1-2.
    Yes I know mostly jews will read this.I am blacklisted for the truth.You cannot learn how to lie when the truth is in you face with proof.The truth is hell to pay.W.E.H..

  • Walter E. Haas

    Of course I will reply and use your names.The references will be given,and I will add additional content.It comes fast.Thank you for exposing the truth by concealing it.I will make full report
    to my associates.I always knew you were a phonies from past contacts.Play all sides and get caught.David Icke is right,and you all know it.

  • Jewish Question?

    Sounds like you are advocating pretty much what Hitler started out advocating.

  • Andy_Lewis

    Seek help.

  • Walter E. Haas


    David Duke smiling in his speech at You Tube titled(Top Rabbi Expresses Jewish Racism)
    And(Top Ten Racist Jewish Outburst)You Tube-Plus (Benjamin Freedman Speech1/5)
    You Tube and (Hugh Murry Wiemar Republic and the Nazi)You Tube in addition to
    The Founding Myths of Modern Israel-Book Outlawed Many Nations(plus Jordon Maxwell( The truth about the middle east and Israel-The Illuminati-You Tube.Jordon Maxwell( You Are Property Of The Rothschild Family-You Tube.(Queen Of England
    Exposed1/5)You Tube Jordon Maxwell.

    CIA Officer Explains New World Order Demise.Avi-You Tube-Fox threw him off for
    saying (War Is A Racket) He mentions Gen. Butlers Book.He does not like FED.
    Says Vill of people is needed..Where is the Vill, or the Will of the Sheep.I say Sheep
    not him.

    Racist calling others one with Hitler ideology,and NWO.Hitlers second book is titled
    New World Order.If any part of U.S.Constitution is not enforced then America is fascist.

    I am not a racist as I do not hate gentiles or jews unless they are racist and commit TREASON in the name of democracy.When they quell the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights to protect their TREASON all who support the U.S Constitution should
    be up in arms to protect America against the enemies within.

    If the truth does not prevail the lie does.This is the state of America.

    The lie is the truth when it is designed to be so by the establishment.Iraq war no WMD.

    The truth is available the Vill is not.What is stated and can be proven,but is denied with
    the evidence, and facts available,and in the open,but lies supported by status quo say other wise indicates conspiracy.The greatest world conspiracy ever created to enslave
    Mankind with the consent of the puppets and fools.,slaves of the establishment.What reality???

    Walter E. Haas Search God Bless America Oath