Chronic Pain Sufferers

June 28, 2007

The Feds’ Victims In Fake “War on Drugs” The United States’ “drug czar” has quite an extensive web site online, all of it sounding as if the feds really have a handle on reducing drug usage by minors, illegal use by everyone else. It’s nicely organized, written by a pro at making the work of this control-arm of our “gubbamint” seem acceptable, even successful. The problem is that the accomplishments are overstated (if you have a phone and know people who have teens in... Read article

The Racism Ploy

March 12, 2007

No Sauce For The Gander Are we all on the same page when it comes to “racism?” No. Sometimes it is used to imply that one race thinks they are superior to others. Another dictionary definition is discrimination against people of a certain race or races. But in today’s world, it means just about anything a court, a group, an action committee, or any other faction wants it to mean in order to denigrate the other party (the one doing the offending, which by the amount of space devoted to it in media, is... Read article

Common Sense Individualism

November 17, 2006

Has Fallen Victim to Sheeple Syndrome Whether the motivation is fear of being different, ridiculed, despised for daring to think differently than directed by the manipulators of public opinion, or whether it is genuine belief in all forms of media that are otherwise acknowledged to be biased, I have no idea! I do know that Americans are not the same breed of humans with which I grew up, and as of this writing, I haven’t changed the way I think because I look for the logic, the evidence, the sources, and try to weave... Read article

Beware of High Hopes

November 13, 2006

And The Illusion of “Vox Populus” The illusionists are masters of deception, and deception rules the age in which this world spins. Post-election euphoria has not yet pulled one American soldier out of the Middle East, nor can it remove from power those who really control the opinions of the public, American, European, Middle and Far Eastern, the people we call the “shadow government” comprised of the industrial billionaires and world bankers. If the elections held in the United States in November,... Read article

An Armageddon Possibility?

October 11, 2006

There was a commentary, a very old volume, that I came across some years back and it has long since been either given away or lost in my moving around until settling in a retirement community condominium in Arizona which has little space for books (or much else). As I recall, the comments were written somewhere around the middle of the nineteenth century, and one portion of what I read has remained fixed in my mind as an ongoing question as to its possibility. The word “Armageddon” is mentioned in the King James... Read article

Excuse Me, But Islam Disgusts Me

September 28, 2006

Any Excuse To Riot Will Do Twenty years ago most Americans didn’t pay very much attention to Islam, or to Muslims in general, and they went about their business doing whatever their various sects do. They had mosques in the USA, and they weren’t bothered, and somehow they managed not to bother us. At least, they did not warrant making headlines. During the past five years, when Arabs and Islamic “radicals” came into the spotlight after they were credited for the Nine Eleven disaster (following a... Read article

Terrorism? How Much?

August 11, 2006

So Many Volunteering For Suicide…For What? When someone is willing to give up his or her life to strike back at a perceived enemy for vengeance, we might write them off as just a loose nut who went over the edge. When either an organized group, or cells of radical believers in some religion or cause, begin recruiting numbers of individuals who allegedly are willing to blow themselves up the media labels them “terrorists” and that seems to explain their behavior, but in fact, it confuses the issue. We... Read article

I’d Rather Enjoy Life

August 7, 2006

So Give Me My Junk Food! One of the ladies I know, who’s well up into her sixties, was a vegetarian when I met her nearly fifteen years ago. Since then, she’s progressed to the vegan stage, living on fake pastrami made with soy and fake meats of all kinds made from soy and other beans, legumes, weeds, grasses and berries. (The berries are okay if they’re sweet.) But she avoids milk that isn’t milked from pregnant soybeans, eggs that aren’t made by Dow or Monsanto, all fish and other sea creatures... Read article

Hats Checked Out

July 21, 2006

Social Nervous Breakdown Films of the 1930’s and 1940’s showed men wearing hats. Detectives, gangsters, newspaper reporters, or just plain folks, men didn’t go out absent their hat. The most common was the Fedora style, the kind my father wore. In fact, my dad didn’t go out in public without his hat. After 1955, I never saw much of my father, he had left, married again, and disassociated himself with me and my mother, but I have photographs of him dating back into the early 1950’s. Where... Read article

Charade: American Politics

July 17, 2006

In the world of “good cop bad cop” American politics, we’ve had generations of throwing out the present bums to elect an equally corrupt set of leaders from the other party. Our two party system allows for culprits to invent opposing sides with surface differences while the nation goes in a single direction … in this case, straight to Hell. The American public has grown reasonably comfortable with settling for the lesser of two evils rather than taking steps to create more options, and give more... Read article

And The Roof Caved In

June 13, 2006

When The Boom Went Bust Some of us, observers of times, trends and events, have been waiting for the American housing boom to go bust, and that day is apparently on the horizon now. But this would cause no ordinary recession. The world economic situation isn’t stable, it has been destabilized by international monetary interests that stand to gain from the emergence, publicly, of the New World Order that has been in the making in the U.S. since the war between the North and South, with the Northern union of centralized... Read article

Low Water Mark In History

June 9, 2006

Redefining all Relationships The ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah had one bad reputation for their personal relationships, but at least they weren’t confused. The Romans, particularly the emperors and their elites (the rich and powerful) kept stables of sex slaves and thought nothing about indulging their most perverse lusts. But they weren’t confused. They knew the difference between lasciviousness and marriage. The fact they didn’t care was a matter of immorality but it didn’t interfere with... Read article

When My Country Fell To The Liberals

June 5, 2006

The Public Never Knew What Happened There is so much rampant relativism in America today that only the few who care about the future of this nation and the heritage that made it a once great nation understand that the liberty of which we are so zealous is as fictitious as Santa Claus, perhaps more so. As a nation filled with IRS-beholden churches whose preachers cannot involve themselves in the political morality of the day, or the ethics dictated by the Christian faith, or even the public displays of the symbols of our... Read article

“Student” Protests? or Leftist Front?

March 30, 2006

Students Make A Convenient Shield Most headlines about demonstrations, riots and other antisocial behavior involve “students.” Or so the media reports. It would appear that genuine students would have a bit much on their hands with their studies and career objectives to go prowling about various cities swinging clubs and throwing rocks. But, one has only to look back to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 to find some gullible students with an airheaded view of the future, no practical experience, and well-trained... Read article

The Unthinkable World of Today

February 28, 2006

In 1960, Space Aliens Would Have Been More Plausible The magnitude of panic engulfing most of today’s world would have seemed far less credible than an invasion by space aliens forty-some years ago. Who could have imagined a world in which the prospect of the Pale Horse riding, with death close behind, would encompass the entire globe? Or that hundreds of thousands of birds and animals would be slaughtered because of strange virii or bacilli that cause sickness and death? Bird flu and mad cow mania have taken hold... Read article

The No-News Media

January 25, 2006

The briefest scan of the “news” pages reflects nothing new. The same garbage in the Middle East, and the so-called Peace Process which is no process at all. The same war in Iraq, with only a few knowing what is really going on in that nation. Americans are given perceptions. Facts are scarce. War with Iran looms large in the windows of fear among Western people and nations. We only want things that stay “over there” among smaller, weaker nations with no real armaments of mass destruction. Many Americans... Read article

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