Truth As Treason

June 14, 2013

If you want to know what a real traitor looks like, all you need to do is watch on television one government hack after another clamoring for the arrest of whistle-blower Edward Snowden. Revealing the truth often hurts, especially to those who function in an atmosphere of clandestine illegalities. The Obama administration and the intelligence apparatus in the US government function in the illusory alternate reality that they manifest on our society, and anyone that exposes them as lying criminals are immediately labeled... Read article

The United States Government Runs Al-Qaeda

June 5, 2013

Why does it cause such a disturbance for most comatose Americans, in the inconvenient truth that the US government has run various types of terror groups for decades?  It is an established fact, even in the mainstream media; any honest person must come to the conclusion that the United States has run terror groups from South America to Southeast Asia, from the Balkans to the Middle East. US financed terror groups have operated in the past and in the present, including the wicked al-Qaeda. During the 1980s American foreign... Read article

Globalist Paradise: Stockholm Rioting

May 24, 2013

Youths in Stockholm Sweden mainly of immigrant backgrounds have set cars on fire and confronted the police with stones and rage for five consecutive nights. Sweden, the panacea and poster child nation for the globalists is starting to receive the fruits of their labor, which is the balkanization of Sweden through the globalist policy of multiculturalism. You reap what you sow The multicultural plague that has infected much of Western Europe has purposely resulted in a disenfranchised minority of young people with immigrant... Read article

Another War Steeped In Hypocrisy

March 20, 2011

Here we go again, another worthless war for humanitarian reasons. Another despot is about to meet Saddam’s fate, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s days are probably numbered. Western powers successfully lobbied the UN for an illegitimate authorization to launch a war of aggression against Libya. Forget the Orwellian dialect from the mainstream media, a no-fly zone means war, plain and simple. This new war stinks of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the progressive tendency to hide behind a UN resolution and focus on an overstated... Read article

The Devil’s Own

July 4, 2007

Neocon Justice I have said many times in this space that there is no justice in this country when it comes to the American aristocracy. President Bush’s commutation of vice president’s former chief of staff Scooter Libby’s sentence is further evidence that the elites in the United States are above the law, and that we do indeed live in an authoritarian society where the privileged function as a criminal class especially when it pertains to the federal government. Scooter Libby and the neocon cabal that is in... Read article

Blood Cry

July 31, 2006

Battle of the Terrorists Terrorism seems to be a growing industry, the United States and Israel call Hezbollah and Hamas terrorist organizations supported by evil countries like Iran and Syria. Hezbollah and its allies call Israel and the United States high-tech terrorists. The world watches as these terrorists get bloody in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, and the innocence become the victims of this mad bloodletting. Terrorists are bullies, they like to hurt people for one reason or another, and they usually pick victims that... Read article

Global Neocons

July 9, 2006

When you read or listen to a neocon, you must come to the conclusion that they are utterly hopeless, and infantile. Like a good liberal, emotional hyperbole is mainly what they use for intellectual debate, and they tend to back up their delusional arguments with historical revisionism. I have always said that neoconservatives are nothing more than self-hating liberals with a belligerent complex in megalomania. That is why they left the Democratic Party in the sixties, the pot-smoking hippies in the Democratic Party were... Read article

Music Video: Dear Mr. President – Live, By PINK

May 9, 2006

This controversial music video by PINK is getting a lot of play around the internet, the mainstream is staying away, I wonder why? Like many liberals, Pink waited until the world was screaming about Bush. At least the Dixie Chicks had the courage to come out against the Bush crime syndicate when it was the least popular thing to do. They paid a price for their patriotism, their music was boycotted, they received death threats. Natalie Maines’s (a native of Lubbock, Texas) political statement on March 10, 2003, during... Read article

Nuclear Illusion

February 6, 2006

Israel & The Iranian Oil Bourse Reality Soon after the invasion of Iraq by the United States and Britain, the Bush administration re-converted Iraq’s oil transaction currency back to the U.S. petrodollar. Iraq under Saddam Hussein in the year 2000 required that euros be used as payment for its oil sales. This conversion by Iraq was an underlying reason for the invasion by the United States; Saddam Hussein established a dangerous precedent that threatened the monopoly of the petrodollar which had the potential... Read article

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

December 12, 2005

Tortured Virgin How far has America fallen from grace? One only requires to watch the Bush administration try to explain their policy of running CIA gulags of torture throughout the world to see how truly despicable the Bush administration is, and how far the mighty have fallen into delusional depravity. Germany’s new chancellor Angela Merkel in a classic Freudian slip, nicely “outed” U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice about American torture gulags in Europe as reported by the Financial Times: Asked whether the... Read article

The Indictment of Lord Conrad Black

November 25, 2005

Truthful revelations, when it comes out for everyone to see, can be a sublime event. When leading neoconservatives like media mogul Conrad Black is indicted for criminal behavior, the world becomes a little better place to live in. Neocons by their very nature are creatures of criminality; thievery, murder, mass murder, mendacity, is second-nature conduct for these people. Black’s Hollinger Corp. is one of the world’s largest media empires, owning hundreds of newspapers and magazines in Canada, England, Israel, and... Read article

French Fried

November 6, 2005

“C’est La Vie” What is the cultural potential from globalization in the West? Take a good look at France and the ethnic violence that is currently engulfing that country. Globalism, while highly profitable for corporations and the average consumer is happy with the prices of merchandise in their “Made in China” products, the underlying cancerous reality from this global village construct is immigration. Some villages with engrained cultural dogma refuse to assimilate into their new environment.... Read article

Justice, What Justice

October 26, 2005

Power Elite It is somewhat satisfying to see the Bush crime syndicate face the hand of justice, although the probability of any of the pale-faced characters serving real hard time for high-crimes is not very good. Presidential pardons for the blood-soaked clowns that are indicted by federal prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald in the Valerie Plame case is most definitely in the making, for that is what crooked politicians in a fixed system do in the United States. This perverse political culture in America is disappointing... Read article

Expanded Investigation

October 22, 2005

Federal prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald has expanded his investigation into the prewar intelligence used by the Bush administration to push the United States into war against a 4th rate country that did not have the capabilities to defend itself, let alone have the capabilities to attack the United States. As reported in this space long before the illegal invasion of Iraq, the reasons given by the Bush administration for aggressive war was “cooked up” by a cabal of well-placed neoconsevatives within the DoD and the... Read article

Drowning With The Authoritarians

October 9, 2005

Mind Numb One thing we know and understand about authoritarians is that their solution for every problem that develops in a society will be a military one. The Bush administration’s response to the dangers of a Bird Flu outbreak in the United States would be “quarantines” enforced by the U.S. Military where entire regions of the United States would be subjected to martial law. This is a somewhat perplexing political reality in America today; President Bush and his administration are increasingly relying... Read article

Disaster Plan

September 15, 2005

More Centralized Government The history of human government is a history of dominant political factions jostling for power by means that often are erroneous and in some cases illegal and violent. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is glaring examples of how two dominant political parties continues to destroy the American heritage in limited government and States rights. Both the Republican and Democratic parties, in an atmosphere in chaotic confusion, consistently demand that the answer to the problems of society –... Read article

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