Feminism – Churches Buy The Lie (Part III)

June 5, 2011

“There’s a God-shaped vacuum in every heart.” Blaise Pascal, 17th century philosopher In 1993, over 2000 “Christian” women prayed, “We invoke Sophia, Divine Wisdom … let her speak and bless us throughout our days.” This was at a Minneapolis Re-Imagining Conference partially funded by Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist and Lutheran denominations. The agenda: Re-imagining Jesus, themselves, their sexuality, and their world. They wanted a new god with a feminine face. [1] These... Read article

Feminism – Schools Are Their Playgrounds (Part II)

May 20, 2011

“When a crowd adopts a point of view en masse, all critical thinking stops.” ~ William Powers The Feminist Movement is on the wane. There’s a conservative counter-revolution brewing but the damage to our society and our children has taken its toll. Meanwhile the vestiges of feminist indoctrination flourish in the liberal public schools, colleges and universities. The 1960s feminist sexual revolution has been institutionalized and accepted. Even right-of-center conservative Americans who say they are not feminists do... Read article

Feminism – Greatest Hoax Against Freedom (Part I)

May 14, 2011

At the May 5, Fox news Republican presidential debate, Sen. Rick Santorum was asked what he meant when he wrote — “Many women… find it easier, more professionally gratifying, and certainly more socially affirming, to work outside the home… Here, we can thank the influence of radical feminism.” — It takes a Family 2005 Sen. Santorum responded that he was pointing out that “radical feminism” had degraded the stay-at-home wife and mother while idolizing women who chose careers over marriage... Read article

Congress and Pres. Obama shame us — is this all they can do?

April 15, 2011

The farther backward you look, the farther forward you can see.” ~ Winston Churchill Looking back: The Debt Ceiling was increased 7 times in 8 years on former Pres. Bush’s watch. The Debt increased from $5.727 trillion in 2001 to $9.849 trillion by September 2008. In just two years, Pres. Obama added another $4-plus trillion to the Debt now totaling $14.7 trillion. And another raise in the Debt Ceiling is looming — despite Congress and the administration’s ridiculous attempt at spending cuts. The present $38... Read article

EXTREME Spending and Debt is a CRISIS

April 2, 2011

Overheard by reporters: Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) stated, “Label the GOP spending cuts as ‘extreme’. I always use ‘extreme’. That is what the caucus instructed me to use.” No independent thinkers there. The Democrats as one entity have used “Extreme” for decades to describe anyone and anything that doesn’t fit their liberality. Recall that the Liberal Homeland Security bunch issued a directive that labeled the Tea Party (TP) participants as “extremist” right-wing wackos. You know the ones they mean... Read article

Congress and Pres. Obama: Quit living in Denial

March 12, 2011

“Last month’s federal deficit is nearly four times as large as the spending cuts House Republicans have passed in their spending bill, and is more than 30 times the size of Senate Democrats’ opening bid of $6 billion.” ~ Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, March 7, 2010 While Americans are cinching their belts ever tighter on the roller coaster of inflation and stagnant incomes (if they are working), Congress and President Obama play their political fiddles. The complexity of the national budget, deficits and spending... Read article

Union Protests Differ From The Un-unified Tea Party

March 5, 2011

Some media and political pundits have identified the ongoing public-sector (government) union protests as analogous to the un-unified Tea Party movement. This is like comparing apples and turnips. Let’s clear the air on how different these two entities are. So far, union protesters have abandoned their jobs, are lying by collecting sick notes from unscrupulous doctors and, possibly worst of all, leading children into the streets to educate them about the wonders of belonging to a union. Public Sector Unions In news... Read article

Civilization’s Yardstick for Civil Behavior

February 19, 2011

With the recent call to cutting the “hate talk” and all the crassness and intimidation with a return to civility, I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re attempting to treat one symptom of a multitude under the heading of “what establishes Western civilization.” There are signs that our nation is pulling back from its slide into barbarism and that we may yet regain a stable and civilized society with a government under law and the U.S. Constitution. History For the framers of the U.S. Constitution and... Read article

Progressives FEAR Tea Party

January 22, 2011

The sordid picture painted by the liberal democrats and media of Tea party citizens as crazed, right wing, radical extremists has offended most Americans who advocate the ideals and principles of the Republic. This labeling as extremists — of ordinary Americans who work, raise their families, and pay their taxes — has only one name: FEAR. What are they afraid of? One reason for that FEAR is Tea party citizens are not an organized political party with representation by top leaders. Liberals don’t quite know... Read article

The Gift who keeps on giving

December 24, 2010

It is said that wonderful things come in small packages. Decades ago, when $100 bills were rarely seen, my husband wrapped taped a $100 bill into a piece of packing popcorn inside a small box of popcorn. Christmas morning, I unwrapped and — futilely — searched for a gift. My husband kept assuring me that there was a gift to be found. Have you ever searched through a box of packing popcorn for something that was exactly the same size and color as all the others? Finally, after much frustration, we had to examine... Read article

Ho Hum! December is Atheists’ Favorite Month

December 19, 2010

This is the annual season of Anti-Christmas sentiment. The naysayers feel they shouldn’t have to put up with this traditional nonsense, so they intimidate by threatening law suits (school boards, administrators, as well as civic groups, shake in their boots at the thought). Guess they feel they’ve done their job if the public schools no longer celebrate “Christmas.” Now it’s “Winter” versus “Christmas” concerts or programs. Many school districts have moved to disallow traditional music-songs such as Silent... Read article

A-N-D, The Middle of God’s Plan

December 12, 2010

The Christmas season finds us all living in a world of uncertainty. Are you worried about your job, your family? Are you concerned about the ongoing corruptive influences in our government bodies and society? America appears to be drowning in a sea of divisiveness, contrary belief systems, hedonism, extreme political rhetoric and cultural immorality leaving citizens in continuous turmoil about America’s future. I find the best way to calm my heart and spirit is through prayer and God’s Word. So it is I share what I... Read article

DEBT Dishonors and Destroys our Nation

November 20, 2010

George Washington once remarked to James Madison, “No generation has a right to contract debts greater than can be paid off during the course of its own existence.” That generation might be considered “austere” by today’s out-of-control debt loads, personal and national. The Deficit Reduction Commission recently released a draft proposal for fixing the mess made by decades of government overspending. Is this just another intellectual armchair exercise with little action? Congressional leaders are already... Read article

Homogenized & Pasteurized Church fits the American Dream

October 15, 2010

“[A recent book, “Radical,” making the rounds in Christian circles is decidedly making people uncomfortable. Written by David Platt, he is the youngest pastor of a mega church (four thousand) in Birmingham, Alabama.] Platt experienced the below event on just one of several trips to visit underground Asian churches. They walked or biked for miles, each arriving at a nondescript house separately at different times so as not to draw attention. “Imagine all the blinds closed on the windows of a dimly lit room. Twenty... Read article

Heaven — We were made for Planet Earth (Part 4)

August 21, 2010

“A modern philosopher had told me again and again that I was in the right place and I had still felt depressed even in acquiescence…. When I heard that I was in the wrong place…my soul sang for joy, like a bird in spring. I knew now why I could feel homesick at home.” ~~ G. K. Chesterton Have you ever felt like Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” when you’ve been away from home for a time? She wanted to go home where she belonged. When you do return home, there’s relief and a comforting, contented gladness. We... Read article

Heaven — God’s Home and Man’s Destiny (Part 3)

August 13, 2010

“The future is bound up in the past. One’s belief concerning his origin will inevitably determine his belief concerning his purpose and his destiny.” ~ Dr. Henry M. Morris Before we can grasp some understanding of man’s destiny, we must return to his Origin or Genesis — in the beginning. If we read the Bible’s first book, Genesis chapters 1-3, we learn of a perfect universe and world created by God, giving mankind dominion over the earth. God called it all “Good.” Then Sin entered the picture. The dreaded... Read article

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