Katrina and the Elites

September 2, 2005

New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina
Americans are seeing firsthand how the power elite in the United States view the average American, especially the poor simpletons; they are regarded as bottom feeders and nothing more. While dead body’s float in the streets of New Orleans, it is increasingly clear that the Federal government is a corrupt and worthless institution which was designed long ago to be a representative government of the people for the people. It is now nothing more than a criminal plutocracy which takes care of its interests above the interests of the average American.

Where are the resources of the Louisiana and Mississippi National Guard? Well, they are in Iraq conducting a worthless war for the Bush clan. Where is the erosion control equipment purchased by the U.S. government which could have been used to strengthen the natural defenses surrounding New Orleans? It is in Iraq being used to repair what the Bush clan and the United States congress destroyed in their illegal rape of Iraq.

The common folk in the end of things are nothing more than worthless sheep to be used and sacrificed at the whims of a criminal class that believes that they by providence have the godly authority to decide who lives and who dies.

Where is Homeland Security? Another worthless department that was never designed to protect Americans as the pundits maintained, it was designed to regulate and keep surveillance on the mesmerized sheep, maybe this time the sheep will open their eyes and see that the biggest threat to the wellbeing of the average American emanates from Washington DC and not from the deserts of Mesopotamia.

Thousands of Americans have needlessly died in New Orleans, and while babies on Thursday in Louisiana were dieing because of the lack of nutrition and medical care, the dragon bitch Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was in New York buying shoes. The disconnect between American politicians and the masses could not be greater than it is today, the catastrophe in the Gulf coast has made that reality ever so clear.

The hundreds of billions of dollars used by the Bush clan to conduct a war of aggression could have been used to build a better America, to help the poor and sick in this country, to make safe those areas in the United States that are prone to natural disasters. The Bush clan have of course made millions in their escapade in the Middle East, Americans suffer while the oligarchy prospers like never before.

The official neglect by the politicians for the real safety of Americans is more than disgraceful it is criminal. Have Americans had enough? Only time will tell, the name Katrina might not only be synonymous with being a killer hurricane, it might also be known as the killer storm that awoke the American sheep to the reality that the United States is not a democracy but a banana republic owned and operated by a ruling plutocracy.

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