A Two Armed, “Unarmed” Victim

April 26, 2012

They want to make firearms illegal, they give certain racial groups special treatment,  they censor our news, they manipulate our politics, they support war, they act in unison, they regularly distort the truth by failing to report all of the story, and they degrade our society by presenting immoral and debilitating programs.  They have an agenda, and, without presenting a single dissenting opinion, that agenda is parroted by every employee.  They support world government, and their owners attend international meetings of like minded tyrants.

They have succeeded in jailing a man who was considered innocent by local authorities and are now busy convicting him before he is tried.

Following the shooting of Trayvon Martin (a young man with a rap sheet) by George Zimmerman (a man with a clean record) the media, deliberately ignoring evidence to the contrary, began running an ugly picture of Zimmerman and an attractive picture of Martin.  They ignored the fact that several thefts by young Black males had occurred in the housing development Zimmerman was policing and described Martin as an innocent 17 year old who had been to the store to buy candy.

Something is radically wrong here!   Either the local officials in Sanford, Florida are prejudiced, law breakers who illegally released George Zimmerman by distorting the evidence against him or the media is run by a powerful, mendacious bunch of criminals who are trying to distort justice to serve their own agenda.

Following the shooting Zimmerman was released because his person showed evidence of having been attacked.  The media told a different story: They maintained that Zimmerman had followed Martin and provoked the attack. There was some speculation that Martin was shot in the back.

As would be expected, not long after the media (by media I mean all national outlets, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and FOX, including their affiliate stations, in unison) began every newscast with the same ugly picture of Zimmerman and the sweet, innocent picture of Martin, huge mobs of black protesters appeared on the streets of Stanford demanding “justice for Trayvon”.   The police chief resigned and immediate concessions were made because angry mobs of Blacks wreak havoc on cities that defy their wishes.  President Obama made reference to Martin as a son.  The story became national and Black dignitaries flew in.  The demand was that the decision of the local authorities be reversed and Zimmerman be arrested.  Authorities in Sanford relented, a prosecutor was appointed, and Zimmerman was arrested.

Mob justice prevailed. Zimmerman, a man without financial resources, was publically demonized, endangered by a purposely created mob, and put in a position of having to defend himself.  Whatever is true concerning the guilt of George Zimmerman he has been charged and arrested through the power of the media that incited a mob large enough and dangerous enough to illegally control the decisions of proper authorities.  History confirms that mob justice is invariably injustice.

Fred Reed writes in his usual blunt style, “Whites are frightened of blacks. They are afraid of taking the wrong exit from the freeway and ending up in a black ghetto. They are afraid when they pass young black males in a dark neighborhood. White women clutch their purses and cross the street, try not to get into elevators with them. The fear, seldom mentioned, determines where whites live, where they go, and where they send their children to school”

“Government also is afraid of blacks. Los Angeles burned because blacks didn’t like the outcome of a trial. Recently cities in England went up because a policeman shot a black. The Zimmerman shooting looks very similar, and blacks are very angry. Jesse Jackson has said that Trayvon was ‘hunted down like a rabid dog in the street,’ that he was ‘murdered and martyred,’ that it was a ’hate crime.’“

The name of the article is “The Need to Lynch Zimmerman”.  The title points to the outrageous injustice willfully brought about by media hype.  When Zimmerman was arrested the preparations for the lynching began.  Neither the abominable media nor emotion driven Black mobs have a right to influence the courts.

No Communist Party Candidate has ever been elected President of the United States but in spite of the massive resistance to Marxism citizens of the United States live under a government that has appropriated the principles of the system they claim to hate and most of them do not even know it. Read the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto and how they now function in our society here.

Why would the media do that?  Why would they try to usurp the role of the courts and convict a person without trial?  Why would they fan the flames of racial hatred?

It could be another attack on the right of citizens to bear arms.  The Ten Planks of Marxism are already in place but the collectivist tyranny that allows the pogroms to proceed is still missing, deterred by an armed citizenry.

Chaos is another.  Order from chaos can come by nefarious means.  When ethnic pride is the glue that holds a nation together its citizens value their culture and seek to preserve it.  The new world order clashes with national pride.  The acute pain of chaos can overcome national pride and create a willingness to sacrifice sovereignty for peace.

Working to create chaos is a Satanic occupation.   Multi-culturalism divides the house (A house divided against itself cannot stand.) and makes captivity easier.  Decades ago when I was young and living in Chicago foot tapping Dixieland music rocked the Black bars on the South Side.  We drove down, drank beer, and heard music the likes of which no longer exists.  During that period I was treated by a Black dermatologist at his offices in South Chicago.  Whites were not welcomed with open arms but they were tolerated.  Then Communist Russian Talmudist immigrants got involved with Black leadership (Read here and here) and  soon they created the same angry Black mobs that now demand justice for Trayon Martin.  As a result Whites have been murdered in South Chicago.

The Talmudist cabal that owns and controls the media in American and mostly around the world works in concert with the forces that seek world government.

Reed believes an American race war is inevitable and the media’s handling of the Trayon Martin case appears to be a veiled effort to ignite that war.

Alan Dershowitz, that partisan Harvard legal beagle, says the persecution of Zimmerman is “immoral and stupid”.   I seldom, if ever, agree with Alan Dershowitz but this time we are in partial agreement. However, as callus and immoral (he supports torture) as he is, he is not stupid.  He is blaming the Florida prosecutor not his Talmudic friends in the Media.  I live in Florida and I heard the local TV news outlets describe the initial release of Zimmerman and the fact that there was a witness to his being beaten, that he had blood on his face and the back of his head, and grass stains on the back of his shirt.  All of this was soon ignored by the same media outlets that had announced it and Zimmerman was accused of “gunning down” Martin.  The arrest and trail of George Zimmerman is a rank injustice for which the media is totally responsible.

The American media is corrupted and functions as a lackey to the forces that are bent on world domination.  Uniform distortions and omissions of fact are common, disruptive, and Satanic.

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