The US Takes A Step Back Towards Its Original Syria Policy

February 18, 2014

Recent statements attributed to Secretary of State John Kerry show him again positioning the US to attack Syria. In a leaked report to the Washington Post, Kerry was quoted as saying that Obama’s Syria policy is failing and that it is time to change the strategy. These are remarks that deserve further scrutiny. As it turns out, Kerry is dismayed that Syria has not destroyed its estimated 1300 tons of chemical weapons in a scant six months. Syria has responded by stating that the actions of the rebels in that war... Read article

“Find Them And Destroy Them!” – Canadian Writer Subject To Multiple Arrests

November 23, 2013

When Kevin Galalae uncovered a secret spying program aimed at University students in the UK, he did not expect his life to blow up. He did not expect to be bankrupted, locked out of his home or for his children to be ripped from his side. Nor did Galalae, a Romanian born professional writer who had been living in Canada since 1985, expect to become the target of multiple arrests by the Canadian authorities. Six arrests in two years, to be exact. And now, two months after the most recent charges against him were stayed... Read article

Elder Law Attorney Sued For Wrongful Death of His Father

November 20, 2013

Redlands Probate Attorney J. David Horspool has been sued for the wrongful death of his father, Raymond Horspool, who died under questionable circumstances in 2011. After putting his father under a conservatorship in 2006, Horspool and sister Margaret Updike proceeded to take a number of actions which alarmed some of their siblings. Raymond was married and living with his wife, Winifred, when conservator Updike had him taken from his home while Winifred was out shopping. In some states that would be called kidnapping.... Read article

You’ve Met Edward Snowden….Now Meet Jeffrey Silverman

November 12, 2013

When Edward Snowden met with Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald to turn over documents revealing the extent of the NSA spying program, he did more than provide an education to the entire world concerning the reach of the American Empire. He also very likely protected himself from far flung and highly illegal machinations to silence him. Safely ensconced in Russia, Snowden is now reportedly working for a Russian website. His revelations continue to impact the public persona of the US, worldwide. Other whistleblowers and journalists... Read article

America’s Murdered Elders: Day of the Dead

November 3, 2013

You would have thought you were at a Harvest Festival. The road leading up to the gated city is lined with food and refreshment booths. Other tables feature small, inexpensive toys. Bouquets of flowers are for sale, everywhere. The usual hawkers-for-donations circulate through the throngs, Red Cross dominating the polite requesters for money, young men in white shirts shaking their red and white containers at passersby. I drop in a few pesos. You walk through these gates, however, and you enter another world. It is a... Read article

Government Attorneys Implicated In Ethics Scandal

October 28, 2013

A scandal is brewing in Chicago which threatens to make Operation Greylord look like a dress rehearsal for a cotillion. Starting with a seemingly innocuous question, tendered to press liaison Jim Grogan at the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) in Illinois, a boil of corruption got inadvertently pricked, which threatens now to reveal a subterranean cancer in the legal system in Illinois. For those who are unaware of Greylord, here is a bit of history: back in the eighties, a collaborative effort by... Read article

Attorney On Trial For Exercising First Amendment Rights

October 2, 2013

JoAnne Denison has made a very big mistake, it appears. Denison, who has been a licensed attorney in the State of Illinois for twenty seven years, has been writing about corruption in the courts. That appears to be a career-killing No- No. Denison first became concerned as to the hanky panky going on in State Probate courts via her involvement in the adult guardianship of Mary G. Sykes. Sykes was put under an adult guardianship, without apparent legal jurisdiction by the Cook County Court. Neither Mary Sykes nor her adult... Read article

Questions Arise As To Defense Contractor Involvement In Syrian Gas Attack

September 7, 2013

Amidst mounting concerns about the genesis of the Syrian chemical attack of 8/21, a new player has entered the stage — a Colorado-based defense contractor named TechWise. The trail to TechWise begins with the recent disclosure of anonymously hacked military emails that were posted to Pastebin, involving conversations between Colonel Anthony MacDonald (now retired) and a shadowy DoD employee named Eugene Furst, as well as communications between MacDonald’s wife, Jennifer and a friend. These emails show insider knowledge... Read article

Trapped In A Killing Field

August 3, 2013

MIT Study Suggests Travel Restrictions in the Event of an Epidemic… A study published in The Royal Society Interface by researchers at MIT may influence policy as to potential travel restrictions in an epidemic. The study suggests that such restrictions will slow the progress of a pandemic. What is implicit in the paper’s recommendations is that people may be confined—quarantined in fact—to a heavily affected area, thus reducing their individual chances to survive but also mitigating the spread of the contagion. As... Read article

Questions Arise As To Coroner’s Cover Up In Sudden Death

August 2, 2013

Six months after Charles Castle suddenly and inexplicably died, the San Bernardino County Coroner has still not come up with a stated cause of death. And according to a Deputy in that office, a critical report is “missing” from Charlie Castle’s file I had spoken with Charlie Castle on the evening of January 15 at around 8 pm. He was frustrated with how long he had been deprived of his freedom and specifically dismayed at the fact that his long awaited trial on his mental health detention had been delayed just... Read article

The Politics of The Human Heart

June 17, 2013

When I was in grade school, the alarms would begin and, whether we were in instruction or at lunch or recess, we knew what those sirens meant. We would put down whatever was in our hands—pencils, forks, a softball—and file into the auditorium. There we would put our heads between our knees, cover our little necks with our forearms and wait for either doomsday or the all clear. Some little girls would always begin to sob. We never knew whether it was a drill or not until the all clear sounded. Unlike so many of my... Read article

Genetic Weapons — Can Your DNA Kill You?

June 9, 2013

It is  a scene out of a futuristic political  thriller—the Secretary of State issues secret orders for embassy officials to collect the DNA of foreign heads of state while the President, speaking at a $1000 a plate dinner, is surrounded by a contingent of Secret Service agents wiping clean his drinking glasses and picking up stray hair follicles. They are not just protecting the President—they are protecting the President’s DNA. If this sounds like a script treatment for a Hollywood version of a Philip K. Dick... Read article

There’s A Reason They Are Called “Courts”

June 7, 2013

Walking into any “court” of late one might have a distinct impression that one has walked into a monarch’s domain. In our post- 911 America, it is becoming increasingly clear that the rule of law only applies at the discretion of the monarch. And that would be the judge sitting in that particular court. Unlike removing a President, it is nearly impossible to remove a judge. Lifetime appointments in many cases coupled with laws prohibiting suing a judge (even for “malicious and corrupt practices”) have given... Read article

Porton Down’s Legacy of Death

May 18, 2013

Inquest to take place shortly concerning death of scientist… In April of 2012, Dr. Richard Holmes took a stroll in the woods in Wiltshire, England. His body was found two days later. Holmes is one of several Porton Down scientists who have died under questionable circumstances. The death in November 2001 of Vladimir Pasechnik was ruled to be a stroke, although co workers stated that Pasechnik was in good health. Vladimir Pasechnik was a Russian defector who first alerted the West to the extensive clandestine research... Read article

United States Accused of Planting Avian Flu In Recent H7N9 Outbreak

May 9, 2013

Amidst allegations by a highly placed Colonel in the Chinese army that the U.S. has released a bioweapon in Mainland China, concerns are ramping up that this year’s version of the avian flu, H7N9, may turn into a major pandemic. The last few years have seen several false alarms on the pandemic front. Neither the bird flu of 2004 nor the swine flu of 2009-2010 ended up being of much concern, although agencies from the WHO on down certainly created quite a flurry around both of these flu bugs. H7N9 has already shown... Read article

The Burning of Judas and the Problem of Evil

April 2, 2013

Last night, the people of San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas gathered in the town square to witness the traditional burning of Judas. The burning of Judas in effigy is a local custom taking place at the end of Holy Week (“Semana Santa”). The square behind the Palacio Municipal was packed with thousands of locals, who climbed onto stairways and shimmied up columns in order to get a better look at the symbolic end of evil. Earlier in the day, ten large plastic sculptures by local artists, depicting perpetrators of social... Read article

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