War is Expensive

March 17, 2011

Priced in Freedom…

dees“One million dead Iraqis, 4 million displaced Iraqis, a destroyed country, 4,754 dead American troops, 40,000 wounded and maimed American troops, $3 trillion of wasted US resources, every dollar of which is a debt burden to the American population and a threat to the dollar as reserve currency, ten years of propaganda and lies about terrorism and al Qaeda connections, an American “war on terror” that is destroying countless lives in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and which has targeted Iran, and which has destroyed the Bill of Rights, the US Constitution, and the civil liberties that they guarantee”.  Excerpted from “The Shame of Being an American” by Paul Craig Roberts

“A child a day dies in war-related violence in Afghanistan. Children die in roadside explosions. They die in airstrikes. They die after militants lure them to carry suicide bombs, usually without their knowledge. They die in firefights. They are executed by the Taliban after being accused, sometimes correctly, of spying for the Afghan National Army. They are tiny pawns in a futile and endless war. They are robbed of their childhood. They live in fear and surrounded by the terror of indiscriminate violence.”  Chris Hedges

Wars are costly; the welfare state is even more costly.  Wars and welfare have pushed the United States of America to the edge of bankruptcy.  Like families that max out multiple credit cards the interest on the debt is beginning to infringe on essential items in the national budget. The status of the Dollar as the world’s reserve currency is in jeopardy and our people will face a deteriorating standard of living for generations.

We live in a world that is being impacted by the agendas of multiple malicious centers of power. Truth seekers often have a favorite culprit.Some write about the Illuminate, others concentrate on the Jesuits, others specify the Rothschild and Rockefeller banking interests, Zionist Jews are often indicted, in United States the Council on Foreign Relations is a popular culprit; the Masons and the Protocol of Zion are frequently mentioned; there are the Bilderbergers, the globalists, the elite, the Vatican, the Bohemian Grove, the British Royal family, the Bush family, Skull and Bones, and others; many suspects but no one seems to know how the orders are transmitted.

A powerful force is controlling world events; the evidence is irrefutable.  Serious suspicions about the 9/11 tragedy are ignored by our media and our government; the same is true with questions regarding the birth place of President Obama.  Our media no longer critiques our government, instead it seems to be part of our government.  Decisions are made and policies are discussed as if all that has transpired during the Twenty First Century has been reported with complete accuracy. Yet thousands of citizens have serious questions. The dichotomy is almost as astounding as the brain washing that allows it to continue.  The existence of conspiracies is avoided in all public discourse, there is no honest review of the United Nations, the disastrous results of the trade treaties, the plan behind illegal immigration, the apocalyptic nature of the rise of open homosexuality, the ownership and control of the press and media, the aberrant nature of current Christian theology, the atrocities of neo-Israel, the theft of United States wealth, or the control of our government; any issue that might suggest nefarious forces in our nation is carefully avoided.

David Rockefeller wrote in his memoirs that he is working for world government and is proud of it and we know that knowledgeable people have predicted it is coming “In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all”, Strobe Talbot, 1992.  In 1950 James Warburg, a carbon copy of his father, Paul Warburg,  said, “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.”

Nothing happens by chance, the War in the Middle East is part of the conspiracy to advance world hegemony.  It is also part of the rape and murder of the United States of America; a rape and murder that has been so well planned and executed that gullible citizens still cast their votes for the perpetrators.  In one of  the plethora of low grade, propagandized movies that spews from Hollywood the villain who is seeking a life saving procedure from his unjustly imprisoned captive said that he not only wanted the victim to perform the procedure but he wanted him to “want to perform the procedure”.  Propaganda has been so successful in America that as our raped and badly beaten nation is about to lapse into unconsciousness its citizens “want to” continue the process.  They seek to rally the “good guys” but they are often mistaken about who they are.

The moral and financial ruin began when congress passed and President Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act in 1917. Henceforth a hidden agenda was accompanied by clever propaganda and our nation became an instrument of world conquest.  Wars are population control instruments that allow the conspirators to gain a better grip on public opinion while they siphon off massive amounts of wealth.  Millions were killed and maimed during WWI.  It was fought to end all war but two decades later we fought in another world war.  The international propaganda machine was so effective that somewhat similar individuals like Abraham Lincoln and Adolph Hitler were successfully portrayed as opposites; Lincoln is revered while Hitler is hated.  The Korean War, a United Nations initiative, quickly followed WWII; then there was the Vietnam War and the military exercises conducted by President Reagan.  The true objective of all these wars has become increasingly evident in the Twenty First Century as the United States military is being used to control the nation and to bring the entire world to its knees.  Please take time to read about this travesty here.

Wars require huge amounts of money and bankers provide it to both sides.  Germany required monetary backing for both WWI and WWII.  The money was provided through some of the nations that were German enemies.  The Russian Revolution required financial backing and in spite of the controversy over Jewish involvement there is no doubt that financial support came from the United States.

Paul Craig Roberts rails against the symptoms but he has not found the cancer.  He does not believe in conspiracy theories.  He blames Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi for telling American authorities Iraq had weapons of mass destruction as a ploy to get rid of Saddam Hussein.  He mentions that the “Bush/Cheney Regime, of course, knew this, but “Curveball’s” lies were useful to their undeclared agenda”. Roberts fails to expand on the “undeclared agenda”, the “oligarchs”, or the “ruling elite” which would lead to the conspiracy theory Roberts avoids.  He claims the War in Iraq has “destroyed the Bill of Rights, the US Constitution, and the civil liberties that they guarantee”.  But he does not heed President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s contention that “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way”.   In an interesting development, CBS’s Sixty Minutes interviewed Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi and claimed he was entirely to blame for the mistaken invasion of Iraq. Two President Bushs invaded Iraq; the first started it and the second finished it.  It was part of the international agenda before anyone heard of al-Janabi.

The idea that a consortium of like minded individuals is controlling our government; writing the disastrous legislation, controlling the agenda of our elected leaders, designating and creating our enemies, and bankrupting our nation is apparent to anyone with eyes to see.  However, one wonders who gives the orders and through what channel they are transmitted.  Who ordered President George W. Bush to spend the national ire over 9/11 on Iraq and Saddam Hussein when neither Iraq nor Hussein had anything to do with 9/11?  Was it Donald Rumsfeld; if so, who gave the order to him?  Why would Paul Craig Roberts blame Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi when he knows that Janabi was only used as a convenient excuse and as the imperial action went forward his contribution was non-consequential?

The heat is on to improve the image of President George W. Bush and his administration.  Oprah Winfrey has given the Bush family extensive air time.  She recently interviewed the former president about his new book, “Decision Points”. In an earlier program his wife, Laura, previously promoted her book.  The daughters and mommy and poppy Bush have also been guests.  The interviews were cozy presenting the Bush family as neighborly.

Donald Rumsfeld is making the rounds.  His interviewers challenge policies of the Bush Administration but his answers are allowed to stand.  I believe it is all designed to open the door for President Bush’s brother former Florida governor Jeb Bush to enter the national political scene.

In a review of his 800 page book, ”Known and Unknown” Brian Lamb interviewed Rumsfeld on C-Span. I have not read the book but it apparently provides a defense for the actions of the George W. Bush Administration.  The Lamb interview presented Rumsfeld as an aging, affable, insider who is totally convinced of the righteousness of his opinions.  He spoke as a man brain washed into believing his own propaganda.  The interview was calm except when Lamb mentioned many telephone calls equating the  Project for the New American Century (PNAC) with a conspiracy.  At the word “conspiracy” Rumsfeld bristled and advised Lamb not to use the word.  He said that President George W. Bush had not signed PNAC.   Lamb did not elicit the fact that both Rumsfeld and Jeb Bush were intimately involved.

I am not a complete fan of the United States Constitution, but the Founders were well aware of the dangers of concentrated power and constructed a document designed to prevent it.   However, power amassed by the governing document of the new nation was too quickly evident in its tyrannical actions during the Civil War. Concentrations of power are always dangerous and world government will create a potential social disaster.

Accumulations of wealth and accumulations of production capacity create power centers and social problems. Perpetual corporate mergers have marked the past several decades.  When corporations merge power is concentrated.  We are living in an economy that no longer caters to the customer.  Slowly giant corporations have secured enough clout to thumb their collective noses at individual consumers; being pseudo-monopolies their concern is no longer with individuals but with masses.

Counting the dead soldiers and estimating the horribly disproportionate killing and dispossessing of innocent civilians is not the only cost of United States wars.  The cost to society is huge.  Returning soldiers are marred by the nihilistic cruelty of battle; like the child that is too soon initiated to sex, the civilian role of former soldiers is often tainted. Mass killing of innocents cheapens the value of human life and watching comrades die shatters peace.  War leaves an indelible stain on the personality of those involved. Many are mentally ill. Their illness distorts the society of the nation. The tenderness needed to sustain proper family relationships has often leaked away in battle replaced by a callus detachment.

War separates families leaving men and women alone and vulnerable.  If there are children they are deprived of one and sometimes both of their parents.  Life’s course is interrupted and the perception of time is distorted.  Violence is magnified and peaceful patience diminished.

The moral cost of war may be its most devastating characteristic.  During the American Civil War Smokey Row in Nashville, Tennessee, became as famous as prostitutes were rampant.  Pornography became an industry and venereal disease a scourge.  Lonely soldiers destined for mortal danger are vulnerable and wives deprived of their husbands tend to roam.  The result is a moral free fall.

The regimentation that is an essential part of military life is an unnatural threat to individual initiative and military leave tends to produce an overweening sense of freedom that often results in behavior that in another setting would never occur.

Patriotism is a pervasive American idol.  When patriotism becomes an idol national pride justifies actions that are morally wrong.  According to the International Committee of the Red Cross modern warfare as it is conducted by the United States of America produces a death ratio of 10 civilians for one soldier.  That means for every hundred soldiers who die a thousand civilians are killed.  Gross annihilations of the civilian population are wrong even if the war is justified and our armies are busily engaged in these killings in nations that are not and have never been a threat. We are killing to accumulate power – the ultimate idol.

War assists world government and those who support it are supporting their own captivity.   I no longer exchange emails with some of the warmongers but still my incoming mail is full of patriotic references to the troops and stories of bravery that perpetuate the quest for nationalism, victory, and the arrogant pride that results. Love for America has become confused with support for military actions.  Brave soldiers are cited as examples to be emulated.  The enemy is anyone or any nation that defies our imperial intentions. As immoral as it may be Americans love and perpetuate empire.

In a rambling swan song one truth seeker wrote: “Right now no one will read this — you are too transfixed by the rape and humiliation of Japan — the taking down of these good people  — you watch it all, not with a thought of helping them — but just as the audience to a horror movie  — the only talent any of you have  — sitting passively and watching horror movies and horror realities — between the two there is no difference as far as all of you are concerned.”

He is right about the horror movie.  I suspect he will be back.  Writers tend to become pregnant with information.  Paul Craig Roberts retired but was soon back.

The world has forgotten God, the One True God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  They have gone their own way and are ripe for captivity.

In a passage that seems strange to most modern ears, King David after he had impregnated another man’s wife and sent her husband off to be killed in battle confessed before God, “Against Thee, Thee only, I have sinned, and done evil in Thy sight –“; again, in the Twenty First Chapter of Deuteronomy a murdered corpse was found, the murderer was unknown.  Following the sacrifice of a heifer this prayer was offered, “Forgive Thy people Israel whom Thou hast redeemed, O Lord, and do not place the guilt of innocent blood in the midst of Thy people Israel.  And the blood-guiltiness shall be forgiven them.”

When facing the suffering of sin and injustice the first thought of modern Christians is to punish the perpetrators.  Humanism causes us to think of the creation before we think of the Creator.  All sin in first against God and second against His creation.

For a decade American armed forces have been killing innocent civilians at a ratio of ten to one. And that is only our current guilt; think of the bloodshed by previous generations.  We are a blood-guilty nation.  We have violated other nations and shed innocent blood.  We have sinned against God and we continue to do so!   It is not from men that we need forgiveness but from God, Himself!

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