Another War Steeped In Hypocrisy

March 20, 2011

Libyan attackHere we go again, another worthless war for humanitarian reasons. Another despot is about to meet Saddam’s fate, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s days are probably numbered. Western powers successfully lobbied the UN for an illegitimate authorization to launch a war of aggression against Libya. Forget the Orwellian dialect from the mainstream media, a no-fly zone means war, plain and simple.

This new war stinks of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the progressive tendency to hide behind a UN resolution and focus on an overstated humanitarian crisis is what progressives such as the Clintons like to do, begging the question – who is running American foreign policy, President Obama or the Clintons?  The perfect example for this progressive tendency for mass murder on humanitarian grounds can be found in the bombing of the former Yugoslavia when President Bill Clinton and his wife  created a false virtual perception of genocide taking place in the Bosnian and Kosovo civil wars. In the 1990’s the now deceased Slobodan Milosevic was the bogeyman for the liberal establishment, now its Gaddafi’s turn – its the Yugoslavian option for Libya.

As far as the neoconservative right is concerned there is not a war they do not like and their amen corner in the religious right see this new bloodletting as a prophetic sign of the end. You all better get ready, Jesus is coming.

So what has Gaddafi done to warrant this humanitarian curse?  Nothing really, other than sitting on a lot of oil. Gaddafi is in the middle of fighting a real civil war, and he was beginning to win his civil war with a number of military successes, hence the UN humanitarian intervention to prevent Gaddafi from succeeding in taking all of Libya back into his control. This leads to the conclusion that the Libyan insurrection was indeed Western orchestrated as Colonel Gaddafi has maintained from the beginning of the conflict.

Western hypocrisy especially that of the United States in this case is most revealing. The United States government and the kleptocrats that control it do not care in the least if an oil rich Muslim country has a despotic dictator as its leader. If that were the case then Gaddafi would have been removed a long time ago. The simple fact is that the West in most cases rather deal with pliable dictators than pesky democracies. True democracies tend to work for their own national interests, while dictators help the kleptocrats in Washington and London steal the world’s resources at extremely cheap rates.

Why are there no-fly zones over Bahrain and Yemen? The United States conveniently picks and chooses which dictator needs to be removed.  Bahrain, home to the U.S. Fifth Fleet, has invited Saudi troops into the country to give a helping hand in brutally crushing unarmed civilian demonstrators. The United States conveniently turns a blind eye to that particular slaughter of civilians.

Is there a real strategic interest in Libya for the United States? Not for the average American, but for the kleptocrats in Washington DC and Wall Street there is plenty of money to be made by this illegal war. Make no mistake, this is an illegal war of aggression that the United States is taking part in. It’s unconstitutional to say the least, not that the constitution and the “rule of law” still matters in the United States, obviously with our corrupt establishment it does not. Real money is to be made here by the warfare state, never mind the obvious pretense that is called humanitarian intervention. In the process of this kind of modern civilized liberation, thousands of civilians wind up dead, usually contradicting one of the compassionate reasons to launch an attack in the first place – which is to save civilian lives. Iraq is an excellent case in point; over one million civilians liberated to death and still counting in order get rid of a murderous dictator.

Libya is yet another opportunity for the war profiteers to rebuild the infrastructure of Libya that they are presently destroying just like in Iraq and Afghanistan. The oil barons will get their picks in Libyan oil fields and the banksters will get to loan billions in fiat currency out of thin air. In the meantime commodity prices will continue to rise guaranteeing another round of demonstrations throughout the world and most likely further violent intervention by the globalists.

So, this is the change you can believe in! More wars with Obama and the war profiteers – let the Fed print some more money.

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