Does Religion Use People Or Do People Use Religion

March 3, 2013

God’s Role In The World…

In an interview about his book “Suicide of a Superpower” Dr. Kevin Barrett confronted Pat Buchanan with evidence of a manipulation involving the tragedy of 9/11.  Buchanan said he would never consider a false flag operation involving his friend former Vice-President Dick Cheney.

Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils: for wherein is he to be accounted of?  Isaiah 2:22.

Quoting this scripture, R. J. Rushdoony writes, “It is God the Lord who alone is infallible, omnipotent, and all wise.  He alone should command our trust and our faith.  The generations of old looked to Him, and they were strengthened and made blessed, God has not grown old since the days of Moses and David, nor has His arm grown short with the years.  As far as our feet will stretch and as far as our feet will carry us, He is there.” R. J. Rushdoony, “A Word in Season”

“Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.” – Psalm 146:3

Using this scripture in a Blog entitled “The Fallibility of All Men” Christine Smith writes, “There is turmoil among some Catholics due to the announced resignation of Pope Benedict. It reminds me of the sadness, dismay, disappointment and sometimes shock I saw in many a Christian following the 2012 presidential election. Yet both reactions, from those who profess a faith in God, demonstrates not the strength of God within them but the weakness of men who, though claiming God as almighty, actually behave as if man on earth is the most powerful.”  (Emphasis mine)

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 2 Timothy 3:5

America is being prepared for a system of control that will make feudalism look like freedom.  We watch helplessly as our government uses questionable events to destroy our freedom under the aegis of protecting us from terrorism  Over eight years ago I wrote an article comparing our government with the government of Nazi Germany, “America – The Fatherland”. Today there are many comparisons being made between the rise of the Third Reich and Twenty First Century United States of America. Technology that was not available in Hitler’s Germany is now commonplace and offers tyrants the ability to impose ever more frightening controls.

My Merriam Webster dictionary defines “religion” as “a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith”.   That definition describes religion but does not define religious practice.  There is a link to “Rely” which is defined as “to be dependent”,” to have confidence based on experience” a better definition of religion as it is practiced.

For many years I believed that people who said they were atheists or agnostics had rejected religion by denying or rejecting the existence of god.  I thought of them as devoid of religion.  I also believed that the First Amendment to our constitution created a religiously neutral government.  This was my belief until in the latter third of my life I was disabused from the Charismatic Movement and confronted with R. J. Rushdoony’s “Institutes of Biblical Law”, a book that matured my theology and filled the gaping hole that had plagued my Christian outlook from the beginning.

Dr. Rushdoony’s Institutes begins by establishing all law as religious because it sets the meaning of justice and righteousness in society.  The source of law is the god of a society.  Any change in law is a change of religion.  He writes that, “—no disestablishment of religion as such is possible in any society.  A church can be disestablished, and a particular religion can be supplanted by another, but the change is simply to another religion.  Since the foundations of law are inescapably religious, no society exists without a religious foundation or without a law system that codifies the morality of its religion.”

There cannot be a religious void!  Every person and every society places ultimate confidence in someone or something.

A nation that wishes to be Christian must zealously guard its legal codes.  Reverend Rushdoony writes, “—there cannot be tolerance in a law system for another religion.  Toleration is a device used to introduce a new law-system as a prelude to a new intolerance.

The United States began with at least a passing regard for Biblical Law.  For several decades the Puritans and Pilgrims lived under Biblical mandates.  Blackstone’s Commentaries retained a modified dependence on the Laws God gave to Moses.  For instance the description of marriage made a husband and wife one and suspended a woman’s legal existence during marriage.  He modified the parent child relationship but retained some obligation of a child to a parent.   His writings are still used but have been replaced in the classroom with Black’s Law Dictionary a more secular document.  .

Up into the 1930s some states still enforced the Blue Laws which among other sinful practices prohibited fornication, adultery, and sodomy.  Blasphemy against God was also listed as a crime as was defiling the Sabbath.  These laws provided our country with a palpable Christian flavor.  They are now forgotten.  A list of these statues is difficult to find on the internet; any reference to them is filled with mocking and jeering.   Many of these Biblical standards remained in state statutes long after they were ignored.

Now, we are witnessing the accelerated introduction of a new legal system. President Obama is following in the steps of President George W. Bush in writing Executive orders that allow the state to exert divine control over citizens.  Feminism successfully defied Biblical law and now homosexuality is being imposed. States have murdered millions of their own citizens but Christians become more aroused at the idea that a single reprobate should be stoned to death than they do over the cruel and useless deaths of millions of innocent civilians by their own governments.

Our President is urging California to approve homosexual marriage which would amount to a state sanction of sodomy a practice condemned by the God of the Bible. We are being returned to the days of Rex Lex with Obama, whose religious affiliation is as cloudy as his background, as the king.

Pat Buchanan’s needs to revise his priorities; esteem for Dick Cheney makes it impossible for him to entertain the possibility Cheney might be involved in nefarious activities.  Friendship and loyalty are important virtues but they should never hold truth and righteousness hostage.  The tendency of people to think well of their friends and of their government is often used for evil purposes.  Human beings are fragile, sinful, and unreliable, placing ultimate faith in their performance and behavior will end in regret.

Christine Smith points to a pivotal flaw: Christians talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.  While claiming God is still on His throne and in control of His creation they behave as if man is more powerful than God.

As our government becomes more aberrant and dangerous to its citizens Christians, not noticing their continual failure, continue to work as if the government is outside God’s control.

The State has become a major idol that draws the primary dependence of the majority of American Christians and their leaders.  We attribute tyrannical laws and dissolute government to political parties instead of realizing that a sovereign God is allowing these evils to come upon us in response to our own evil actions..

Yesterday I listened to a YouTube video of a well-known leader of the truth telling movement interviewing a highly intelligent, Christian, women with a Doctor’s degree from our highest rated Ivy League school. She claimed that the end times are coming and there is nothing we can do about it.  She could be right; but I don’t think she is.  Such talk is anathema to proper role of God’s people in these evil times.  This influential lady is nullifying her effectiveness by promoting a theology that paralyzes Christians and defies God’s exclusive right to such actions.

Arminianism and Dispensationalism are not only heretical theologies but they are insidious forces against the effectiveness of the Christian religion.  Arminianism injects humanism into Christianity and Dispensationalism created an entirely new system of theology that distorts the Biblical narrative and promotes heretical doctrines.

By predicting the end times this influential Christian lady usurps God’s sovereignty and attempts to occupy His throne.  Because Dispensationalism has robbed her of her God given Christian mission her entire testimony consists of her healing and warning about the end times.  What if she is entirely wrong?  What if it is not the end times but God’s judgment?  What if our sins have found us out?   What if there are numerous other grievous sins besides the millions of babies that we have murdered?  What if these sins involve our people, our fathers, and our nation?  What is we have distorted the Christian religion so that we are no different than the Pharisees?  What if the same judgment that Jesus made toward the Pharisees He has made toward us as Christians?  What if we are hypocrites?  What if?

Instead of urging repentance which is the Biblical antidote to captivity she commits the disastrous error of blaming it on the end times leaving Christians helpless in the face of Satanic darkness. We are often urged to pray for our leaders.  Over the years I have often prayed for our nation and its leaders.  Those prayers and the prayers of thousands of other Christians have gone unanswered, God answers prayers that conform to His Will but He ignores those that do not.  We are missing the mark!

It is time for Christians to stop using religion and allow religion to use them.  God is not our servant!  We are His servants and it is our role to obey His Commandments and work to bring about His peace and order in His creation.  Instead of blaming our present dilemma on the end times we need to understand that these events might be God’s response to our sins and what is needed is repentance and proper behavior.   We need to scrutinize our lives and the actions of our nation and repent from our sins so that if He does come again soon we will be ready.

God will not be mocked.  We cannot ignore His Law, falsely profess His Will, destroy His creation, murder His creatures, elect and obey a pagan government, and arrogantly claim His blessing on our sin.  When we do these things we can expect to suffer His wrath.

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