Video Shows Murder of American Robert Jacob, In Riyadh Saudi Arabia

June 15, 2004

Editor’s note: Warning! This video is not suitable to be viewed by minors due to the nature of it’s content.

Video shows what it claims to be the murder of American Robert Jacob in Saudi Arabia. Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the murder. After the victim is shot, up to ten times, two men rush to the fallen body. One appears to be cutting the victim’s throat.

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The Australian: Website shows taped ‘murder’

From correspondents in Dubai
June 14, 2004

A VIDEOTAPE posted today on a website attributed to al-Qaeda shows what it claims to be the murder of US national Robert Jacob in the Saudi capital by members of its terror network.

Chanting glorifying Jihad, or holy war, is heard in the background on the tape as two men are seen chasing a Western-dressed man who screams: “Wait, wait! No, no!”

Seconds later about 10 gunshots ring out as the man falls to the ground.

The tape, seen on the website, then shows the two men rush to the body. One appears to be slitting the victim’s throat.

The two assailants, who are also dressed in Western clothes, are only ever shown from the shoulder down.

The killing takes place in the covered yard of a residential building where a four-wheel-drive vehicle is parked in a garage space. After the killing, the tape says: “Voice of Jihad – expel the infidels from the Arabian Peninsula.”

The footage is attributed to an al-Qaeda terror cell which claimed responsibility for the killing.

The video described the victim as “American Jew Robert Jacob, who worked for the spy group Vinnell”.

Mr Jacob, 44, who worked for the US Vinnell Corp, which helps train the Saudi National Guard, was shot dead at his home in Riyadh last Tuesday. He was reportedly shot nine times in the head.

Yesterday, an al-Qaeda cell said it had killed a US national in a drive-by shooting and kidnapped another American in the Saudi capital amid a bloody campaign by the network to drive Western “infidels” out of the kingdom.

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