Video: Specter Gunship Doing It’s Thing Over Afghanistan

October 2, 2005

AC-130 Specter Gunship doing it’s thing over Afghanistan. An explicitly detailed accounting of an American AC-130 Specter Gunship, operational attack on Islamic beligerants, apparently in Afghanistan, post 911. The footage is captured via a thermal imagery spotting camera, and records in very relatively good detail the massive assault on a pre-identified enemy position. This footage appeared available on various Internet sites in 2002-2003. This version is 5.8mb in .wmv format; reasonably good resolution for thermal imagery; esspecially when you consider the operating altitude of a AC-130 Spectre.

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     I see a future painted with disgraceBy generations that came before usShamed with knowledge of not protectingThe very sustenance of humanity to comeTheir bones will ache, not from labourBut a by product of mere survivalThey are bequeathed a drained, lifeless orbThe thought shames me, and brings me to curseThose who walked before meOnly thinking in the now,Consideration for the afterHolds no priority over their headsWhat words of detest, from those yet to comeWill forever haunt our souls conscienceIndeed, the artists have painted a grim portraitOf a lifeless world, that abounds with misery and sorrowThe only fruits it will produceWill be like acid upon their tonguesResentment flourishes, in this garden of desolationMy spirit, ill with heart crushing guiltNot for what we have doneBut for what we neglected to doMy soul shall weep eternallyFor the innocence of youth, not yet upon the earth