Contradictions of Convenience

November 22, 2002

It’s incredulous how self-imposed politically correct motivations can enslave oneself to a perverse ideology and belief system that is in essence contradictory and dangerous. The Bush administration this past two weeks have presented to us a very deceptive and false premise that the religion of Islam is one of peace and that anyone who is warning Americans contrary are bigoted and intolerant, and as President Bush stated – “Islam, as practiced by the vast majority of people, is a peaceful religion, a religion that respects others.” One has to ponder the question, what on earth are these people thinking and doing to this country? And do they really believe this malarkey about Muslim pacifism?

It’s doubtful that most in the political and social elite structure in this country believe that Islam is a peaceful religion, the evidence throughout history clearly reveals contrary. If it were truly a peaceful religion then the American government would not have been able to create Muslim terrorist organizations in the past ranging from Afghanistan to Bosnia to Sudan. They very well know that Islam is an inherently intolerant religion and that we ordinary simpletons should at least try to attempt to differentiate between a peaceful Muslim terrorist who augments Washington’s interests around the world and that of the Muslim terrorists who turn on Washington and attack and murder Americans.

While the Bush administration attempts to convince Americans that Muslim’s in general do not hate America and the West, news reports from around the world revealing the truly peaceful nature of Muslim’s such as the recent flare up in Nigeria over the Miss World beauty contest where Christians are presently being killed by Muslim’s is something that should be dismissed as an aberration and not indicative of Islam’s true nature. One begs to ask the question whose bright idea was it to hold a decadent western beauty pageant in a very tolerant Muslim nation in the first place. Muslims killing Christians in Chechnya, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Sudan, and many other nations is also to be dismissed as part of some fractious element that only represents a militant minority, and if anyone points out the obvious fundamental variation, then we are as bright eyed President Bush stated – at odds with the views of most Americans.”

The Christian right in this country must be a little perplexed at the double speak coming out of Washington this past two weeks. Many conservative Christian leaders who unreservedly support the Bush government rightfully describe and criticize Islam for what it is are seeing that their political allies in Washington have short memories and can effortlessly turn against their so called religious/political friends.

Secretary of State Colin Powell wants more Muslims in the United States, and the truth that Muslims cannot and will not assimilate into our elites multicultural melting pot is ofcourse no contradiction to the elites of our government. Washington’s policy in the immigration of thousands of people from hostile Islamic nations who are fundamentally and diametrically opposed to the American way of life is a very self-destructive policy which Americans will pay dearly for in the future. One needs not look further than to Kosovo to see the consequences of an open door immigration policy and when Muslims become empowered enough to make the decision to wage Jihad.

While our illustrious leaders in Washington continually declare the ultimate pacifism of Islam, the personification of Muslim tolerance Osama bin Laden, who, by the way is still alive and kicking, is declaring that – “For how long will fear, massacres, destruction, exile, orphanhood, and widowhood be our lot, while security, stability, and joy remain yours alone? As you kill, you will be killed; as you raid, you will be raided.” So, it seems to be quite simple, the more our government goes around the Middle East bombing and killing the more it will be our lot. You reap what you sow, sort of speak. Never mind that the only interests to protect is that of the oligarchy, it will be ordinary Americans who will pay the ultimate price for our governments policy of bombing Muslim countries at the same time allowing immigration into this country people from nations that our government bombs and kills. Makes sense to me, how about you?

Not only are Americans the victims of Muslim terrorism they are also swiftly becoming the victims of a government gone mad with power. If the terrorists fail to change our way of life and take away our basic constitutional freedoms then the Bush clique sure can and are. The Bushgovernment has planted the seeds for an autocratic government (Homeland Security USA PATRIOT Act) where any citizen can be imprisoned with out formal charges on the order of the President and his Attorney General without access to courts or lawyers. Freedom is quickly becoming a privilege in this country not a right, and it is not Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein who is trampling on our freedoms, it is the Bush government that is doing it. Bush’s war on terrorism is a shameful farce, and the real war that he is waging is on our constitutional rights and the freedoms that it supposedly protects.

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